things you need to decide before home additionBuilding an addition to your home is never a spur of the moment idea. A person may take months or even years deciding whether a home addition will fit into their needs, where to place the home addition so that it looks beautiful on the home, and what size the home addition should be so that it improves their daily life without compromising it. There are three basic things that you need to consider when thinking about building a home addition.

1: Who Will Oversee The Project?

Are you someone who needs to know everything that is going on at every single moment, or can you sit back and then just show up at the unveiling of the final project? You need to decide who will be at the work site every day managing the addition project. The last thing you want to do is show up at the site and see the place empty when there should be subcontractors finishing up the wiring and placing in the drywall.  You need a project manager.

Some architects will work with the project from start to finish as they not only design the project and provide the sketches but they can also coordinate the contractors and subcontractors at the site to ensure the plans are followed and the work stays on schedule. Other times the contractor will be the big boss of the subcontractors to properly schedule what work needs to be done at certain times so things run smoothly. You also want to know who to contact if you want to change something mid-project or if there are budget problems that will cause the project can be halted until everything is figured out.

2: How Much Do You Want To Spend On The Extras?

Always understand that the amount you planned to spend and the amount you will spend will be two totally different figures in the end. While you may want to spend less than the budget, some unforeseen circumstances can arise where you will spend more than you anticipated for the project. Anything from discovering there is mold in the walls to the home still having out of date wiring can add additional unplanned expense. Also, you may end up upgrading the materials you use for the addition. Instead of formica countertops in the new master bathroom, you may decide to spring for granite if your contractor has found a good deal from the supplier.

Decide on a budget that you would like to stick to for building an addition, then tack on a few extra dollar signs so you can cover emergencies and extras. Stick with this amount to cover the entire addition project. Expect the unexpected and your budget will be fine.

3: Do You Plan To Build Up Or Build Out?

There are two ways to add an addition to your home. You can build up by adding another floor to your existing home. The other alternative is to build out from the home along the ground floor. Both possibilities have their advantages and disadvantages.

Building out normally means that you can continue to dwell in the house while the project is completed. But the challenges are that you will use up some of your existing yard to the new addition as well as face zoning restrictions.

Building up allows you to keep the same space for your existing yard. Yet you can also face restrictions on how high you can build. In addition, building up for your addition may lead to more of a disruption to your daily life because of construction issues that come with a vertical addition.

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