3 Steps For Putting Home Addition Plans Into ActionHave you ever considered adding on to your home? Maybe you need more living space or are seeking to add value to your home in the long run. Home renovations remain a cost-effective plan compared to moving while also guaranteeing you get exactly what you want. The attractive idea of fully customizing a new space gets homeowners more comfortable and eager to move forward. However, it might be difficult to even know where to begin this new home improvement, which keeps people from actually forming a plan. The key thing in any process involves taking one step at a time, limiting stress and anxiety. If you’re still unsure and hesitant, don’t worry. We’ve put together a quick list of some preliminary steps you can take to get things moving.

  • Wishlist This is the dreaming stage where you get to write down exactly what you want. First, ask yourself what the addition will achieve or solve. Maybe you want an extra bedroom for overnight guests or an easier way to move from the inside to the outside. Next, get enough inspiration from tv shows, magazines, and books to fill a book. In this way, you can start realizing a pattern, making it easier to formulate a working plan.
  • Reel in Those Dreams Now that you’ve fantasized about your dream renovation, it’s time to factor in the real world. Try and calculate how much money you actually have to devote to this project, including household loans, investments, and savings. After that, check out the rates of a few local contractors to get an idea of costs in your area. You can also decide if you’ll be doing any of the renovating yourself to cut costs even more. Next, keep in mind that disruptions and setbacks will likely happen, that way you’re not completely caught off guard. Lastly, check with your local zoning officials to see just how big your addition can get and where it can go. Otherwise you might find yourself extremely disappointed later on.
  • Research This might be one of the most important steps when beginning your renovation journey. First, get a clear understanding of what construction entails and the costs involved. Then, investigate local contractors or designers by getting reputable references. Just by asking lumber retailers or a local building authority can quickly get you the answers you seek. You can then interview these contractors one-on-one to see if your goals match. Also make sure they have the correct certifications and documentation. Contractors should be able to organize your ideas while guiding you on the best ways to make your dream addition come true. They won’t steer you in the wrong direction with cheap materials or slack workers. Remember to get everything in writing! Lastly, don’t hesitate to crunch the numbers again to make sure you’re still on the right track.

Adding on to a home remains a daunting and confusing process for most people. However, approaching it one step at a time while choosing the right people to work with really makes a difference when keeping stress levels low. It also helps to keep the goal in mind throughout the entire process. Try pinning a copy of the design layout on the fridge to look at every day. This positive visualization will help continue the momentum built up from your initial excitement. Then, once you finally get the home of your dreams, you can look back and feel great about your experience. 

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