3 Tactics Architects Can Use To Uncover Your True Home Addition DesiresWhen you’re looking at portfolios on an architect’s website, you may be awestruck by some of the fascinating designs you see, often with glowing testimonials about how the architect perfectly carried across the owner’s ideas. The owners may rave about the perfect theme that was reflected through the entire project or how they’ve found perfect functionality within their new addition. But have you ever considered the tactics used by architects to get these kinds of results? There’s a whole process from talking to the architect about your dreams for your home addition to the final reality of a beautiful new space to enjoy, between which points the architect must entice the details from you whether you realize it’s happening or not. Here’s a look at three different tactics architects sometimes use to determine exactly what you want for all your home addition desires.

Target Functional Goals

What does the space you’re building need to accomplish? The idea of form following function plays well into this tactic, where an architect gathers details about what the space is supposed to do. Will the new bathroom provide a luxurious new space to unwind in? Does there need to be a flexible space for the growing child, with options to convert an old bedroom into a new office or guest suite? As you’re discussing your functional goals, make sure you mention how you’re ranking the functions. If you can let the architect know which functions are most important, it makes it easier if some of your goals can’t be met or may need to be more flexible. By targeting functional goals, an architect can make sure your new space will do everything it needs to.

Focus on Appearance

But what if you’re putting an addition in because you want to improve the appearance of your home as well? Are you bumping out a couple gable dormers to turn your attic into new bedrooms but really want to add the appearance of a Cape Cod to your otherwise boring cottage? Focusing on the appearance adds to the mystery and ambiance of your home. If you’ve always wanted to dress up your home, focusing on the appearance helps you achieve that goal. Whether you want to add touches of Victorian detail or the feel of a Roman bath to your new master suite, a good architect will take your favored appearance into account and incorporate those visual themes into your completed design.

Use Design Boards

What if you’re not exactly sure what appearance or specific functions you want to incorporate yet? If you’re having a hard time articulating what you want out of your home addition, a good architect may recommend putting together a design board. This can either be a physical board that uses photos, fabric and paint swatches and samples of flooring and wallpaper or virtual boards using any number of clipboard services such as Houzz or Pinterest. A design board basically lets you show the architect what you like and what you want without having to articulate it directly. Design boards are great tools for conveying functions you’d like to have, style themes that should be carried across the entire addition and the colors and textures that really make you come alive.

Now that you have a few ideas about the tactics architects use to determine exactly what is wanted in your home addition, it’s time to start putting those ideas into action. Consider a few architects and make sure you investigate their background, design style and reputation in the community. If you haven’t had the opportunity to find a good architect to work with yet, please contact us. We’re always happy to help make your home design dreams a reality.

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