3 things to consider before adding an en suite bathroomAdding an en suite bathroom can add value to your home, provide a private bathroom space and relieve congestion in your main bathroom. It also makes the master bedroom much more comfortable and convenient. However, there are three things you should consider before starting your master bathroom project.

Bathroom Placement

The biggest thing to consider is where to place the en suite bathroom. If the master bedroom contains large closets, one of the closets can be converted into a small master bathroom. If the closets are small, but the rear closet wall connects to a closet in another room, the wall separating the closets can be removed to create the space needed for the en suite bathroom. If the master bedroom sits against a smaller bedroom, the smaller bedroom or a portion of the smaller bedroom can become an en suite bathroom.

In rare occurrences, the master bedroom may be relatively small and located in an area of the house where adding a bathroom isn’t feasible. For example, the bedroom may end at an exterior side wall. When this happens, it may be prudent to switch the location of the master bedroom with another smaller bedroom that’s located at the back of the house. This allows for the rear wall of the house to be moved outward in order to create more space for the bedroom and space for a completely custom private master bathroom.


Several things can impact the cost of your new master bathroom, including the proximity of the new bathroom to existing water and drain lines, the cost of materials and whether or not square footage needs to be added to the home in order to create enough space to install the bathroom. A typical full-sized bathroom should be at least 4′ by 8′, but it can be significantly larger if numerous fixtures are to be installed, including a separate shower and tub or a jacuzzi tub and steam shower. Luxury bathrooms can also include vanity and dressing space. A master bathroom installation can range from a few thousand dollars to tens of thousands of dollars so it is important for homeowners to consider their budgets when thinking about the various amenities they would like in their new private bathroom.


There are numerous ways to design a master bathroom. Most master bathrooms have large shower enclosures, separate tubs, large over the sink mirrors and his and hers sinks. Master bathrooms can also contain luxury light fixtures, towel warmers, heated floors and private dressing and undressing areas. The designs are only limited by the amount of space the new bathroom is to occupy and the homeowners budget.

To help determine what fixtures should go in the bathroom and the types of luxury amenities, homeowners should spend time looking at design ideas and color schemes for master bathrooms. This step can be performed by looking at various home remodeling and addition magazines and by looking on the internet.

Once the color scheme and design details have been mostly affirmed, it’s time to ask for professional help in finalizing the layout and design of the bathroom. This can be accomplished by locating an architects. Architects are trained to take your ideas, desires and needs and turn them into schematics and blueprints. An architect can also recommend changes in order to make the bathroom flow while adhering to all applicable building codes.

If your bathroom requires the addition of square footage, an architect can look at the outside of your home and design a structure that seamlessly blends into the house. If you are worried about cost, many architects can create initial drawings with various budgets in mind.


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