Sunrooms can be a great addition to any home where the homeowner wants a little bit of the outside on the inside—whether it’s stargazing at night, taking in a cool breeze in the afternoon, or enjoying the beauty of a rainstorm safe inside. Sunrooms can provide the inviting warmth for a cool winter day or a blast of cool during the hot summer months. Think of them as your own little oasis.

Costs of sunrooms can vary in price depending on the size, type, materials, location, and whether or not you are building on site or purchasing a sunroom kit from a company. The average sunroom will cost anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000 depending on whether you hire a professional, DIY it, use the footprint of a pre-existing patio, buy a kit, or build from scratch.

Before you decide to build a sunroom, you should consider a few factors.

1. What type of sunroom?

There are several different types of sunrooms you could build for your residence. Each requires varying materials and even foundation specifications, which can influence the overall cost of the project. All options are unique, so each build will be different and involve fluctuating levels of difficulty. The type of sunroom you choose will also determine what kinds of professionals you will need to work on the project. So it’s important to understand which type of enclosure you are looking to build.

  • Four seasons. A four-seasons room is one that can be used all year round where both heating and cooling can be controlled.
  • Three seasons. Three-seasons rooms are similar to four-seasons in that they can be used at various times throughout the year, but they differ on one very important specification: They do not have heating or cooling.
  • Screened-in porches/patios. Screened-in areas are quite simple. It’s just a space enclosed with screens instead of windows. They are not always weather dependent and can be used at different times of the year depending on the climate in your area.
  • Solarium or glass enclosures: Solariums are quite high-class, with walls and ceilings being made entirely out of glass. You can use this space as an indoor garden because it will get tons of sunlight during the day. You can even use it as an art area or craft room and perhaps an office if you prefer sunlight and outdoor views.
  • Framed sunrooms: Framed sunrooms act as a regular addition to your home but provide the addition of natural light through large windows. Effectively these types of rooms can be used for whatever you’d like and offer all the amenities of any other room in your home like heating and cooling.

2. Are you adding electricity?

Before you even begin the process of building, you need to decide if having electricity in your sunroom is something you want to invest in. Having electricity can completely change how many uses you can have for your sunroom, but it also comes with an added cost. If you plan on using your sunroom year-round in both cool and hot temperatures, it will probably be in your best interest to spend that extra money and put in heating, cooling, and electricity. Having electricity in the space can allow you to use the room as family space or even a reading area with all the beautiful sunlight streaming in.

3. Footprint

The overall footprint of your sunroom will have a significant impact on how much it will cost to build. The larger the room, the higher the cost. Foundations will have to be poured if you don’t already have an existing footprint on a porch or patio you want to enclose to create a sunroom. If you are someone who enjoys entertaining, you may opt for a larger space big enough to have people over for parties, dining, and spending time with family.

Your choice in sunroom will have the biggest impact on your budget and what you can/can’t afford. If you already have a foundation and just want to build on top, this could save you both time and money. Speak with professionals who build sunrooms of all kinds and do a little pricing inventory. They can show you different options for the size you want and how far your budget will stretch. If you are ready to build a sunroom for your home, contact us at Prime Draft Studios today.