Sometimes a ranch home starts to lack the luster and functionality it had when it was first built. Maybe you love your neighborhood, but the house you purchased feels dated and tired. This is often the case with older ranch homes that have choppy floor plans that don’t suit today’s modern lifestyles, which can also make them harder to sell. Often times, a remodel is all that is needed to make a tired ranch home feel inviting and functional again. Here are three things to consider when remodeling a ranch house:

1. Strive for an open floor plan

An open-concept floor plan is the phrase used to describe a home’s layout where the kitchen, eating space, and living area are all open to each other with clear lines of sight from one space to the next. Today’s families spend a great deal of time in these three main areas of a home. Having an open floor plan allows the family to interact more intimately with each other or with guests, while utilizing each space individually. You can maintain open conversation and eye contact rather than shouting through walls. This is especially beneficial when entertaining. An open-concept ranch remodel also makes a space feel larger by removing walls that can make it feel choppy and closed in.

2. Stay true to characteristics of a ranch house

Remodeling a ranch house doesn’t have to be overwhelming—you can still stay true to the original characteristics of the ranch house. Take your time with choosing upgrades and finishes that will suit your lifestyle, yet offer timeless value. It is easy to see something online and immediately think it will work with your ranch remodel ideas, but that is not always the case. Your ranch house likely boasts some features that other homes don’t have such as no stairs, wider doorways, and seamless thresholds, which are important for those with mobility issues. These features will help make spaces flow smoothly from one room to the next in your remodel. Another idea is to take advantage of the lower roof line of a ranch and add skylights to bring in more natural light. Do some research, and gather ideas from other ranch house remodels that grab your attention.

3. Consult an architect

When remodeling a ranch house, it is important to maximize the use of space. Sometimes the lot the home was built on has room for additional square footage provided the proper permitting can be obtained. However, it is common that a remodel must occur within an existing footprint. In both cases, it is a good idea to consult an architect to determine the best layout for your needs. They can stay true to your desired style while optimizing functionality. Removing walls when working an open-concept ranch remodel can sometimes present issues with lost storage or space to hang art and pictures. An architect can help find solutions while updating the interior. Many times adding a front porch and changing the elevation of a ranch home adds usable square footage and interesting curb appeal to change the entire feel of a ranch house, but there may be a need for added bedrooms or bathrooms. Let an architect relieve the stress and guide you in making these decisions for your ranch remodel.

There are countless other ideas and considerations when taking on any remodeling project. These are just a few. You don’t have to try remodeling a ranch house totally alone. Allow experts to help. It will save you stress and time in the long run. Prime Draft Studio can provide you with a free consultation that will help to put your mind at ease and provide ideas you likely haven’t even considered when thinking about your remodel.

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