Is your family growing a little too fast for your space? Do you have an attic that can be converted into usable living space? It may be time to complete an attic remodel that can boost the square footage of your home and create additional living space for your family. Many homeowners have discovered attic renovations as a way to expand square footage and create unique spaces for their family without expanding their home footprint. Renovating an attic gives homeowners the opportunity to get creative and design a one-of-a-kind space. You can truly make this space anything you want it to be, whether it’s a playroom for the kids, an office for you, or a guest room for the grandparents when they’re in town. So if you’re quickly running out of space due to a growing family, here are three ways to create a fun and practical attic remodel:

1. Think about your needs
When deciding on a new attic floor plan, you need to seriously consider what is the best use of that space—and then the best way to make that a reality. Do you need more bedrooms and storage? Or is more recreational area a better fit for your family? The possibilities are endless. If you’re running out of room because the kids are taking over the house, try creating a fun and whimsical playroom. All toys can be stored there, meaning less mess all over the house. Later on when the kids are older, you can convert the attic into a family room or a movie theater space for the entire family to enjoy.

Attic remodel floor plans will be a bit different than any other room in your house, since attics have certain angles that will need to be taken into consideration when creating a new functional space. Headroom may also be an issue when it comes to an attic remodel, so keep that in mind when planning a space.

2. Get creative with the new space
Opening your home to the available space in your attic allows for a world of possibilities—and you can really get creative with how you design this new space. An attic remodel can solve a myriad of space problems within your house—all in one space. If you have a large attic, think about creating a hangout space for your teens where they can watch TV and have friends over without getting in your way. For a more adult space, create a movie theater room with plush couches, a big TV, and even a popcorn machine for added fun. A movie theater room can also mean great family nights watching a movie or a big game.

If more bedroom space is the priority, delve into the idea of creating a child’s bedroom or a master suite. The bonus of an attic remodel in a large space is that you can put two kids up there and they will have plenty of space to grow. Or if you’re a parent looking to get away from the kids, create a large master suite by converting the entire attic space into a spacious bedroom and master bathroom combo. You’ll gain the space you need and the privacy all parents want.

3. Save money while adding space
The biggest benefit of an attic remodel is that you don’t have to build any additional space. Your attic is already a part of your home, so while it might need to be finished, it will save you money by using a pre-existing space and not having to build on or out. Since additions can take months and be expensive, the advantage of remodeling a space that already exists in your home is that you can stick to a budget yet be creative when designing the floor plan. If you’re creating an attic space that needs plumbing, you can tie into existing lines instead of installing new ones, which are an added cost. Heating and cooling should also be a simple fix if you can add vents from your existing heating/cooling to keep the space comfortable all year-round.

An attic remodel can be a really fun experience because you get to customize everything! Attics don’t have to be dark and dingy—they can be full of fun and inspiration that make it feel like another part of your home instead of a forgotten space. Don’t let your attic sit unutilized if you need more room to grow; instead look into the advantages of a full attic remodel.

These are just a few ways to create a fun and practical attic remodel. You don’t have to design your attic remodel on you own. Allow experts to help. Prime Draft Studio can provide you with a free consultation that will help to put your mind at ease and provide ideas you likely haven’t even considered when thinking about your attic remodel.

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