3 ways to improve your garage conversion projectOne of the easiest ways to get a great new space is to convert your garage. Even so, it’s important to start out with a good plan. This is what makes it so that the end result is an awesome area instead of a boring spare room. Here are three ways to get the most out of your garage conversion project:

1. Choose a Theme

Converted garages can be breathtakingly cool when they’re designed around a theme. This is because they can be completely dedicated to the assigned purpose, and this allows you to take the chosen concept to the maximum level. A good example of this is the ultimate home gym. For most people, a home gym involves a couple of relatively small pieces of equipment in what was obviously meant to be a bedroom. If you convert your garage, however, you have the benefit of a floor that’s strong enough to hold cars. Bring in the barbells, put in a frame for a proper chin-up bar, and add that commercial-grade gym equipment!

Garage conversions are also great spaces for equipment that would normally be considered industrial. Use that concrete floor to support wood shop equipment, machine tooling equipment, and anything else of that nature. In short, make use of a conversion to move your space from hobbyist level to professional grade.

2. Change the Door

One of the most challenging questions for a garage conversion project is what to do about that big door. If you leave it as is, it will scream out that the room was originally just a garage. On the other hand, replacing it with a standard household door or closing it off completely will deprive you of a wonderfully convenient passage for installing or removing large equipment.

The best solution is to replace the door with a more decorative, but equally useful, door that isn’t as “garagey.” Which one you should use depends, in part, on your security needs. A big sliding door will look great but offers almost no security. This means that it should be reserved for conversions that don’t involve filling the ex-garage with expensive equipment. If there’ll be something inside that’s worth stealing, try a set of oversized steel entry-style doors. Either way, you will likely want the doors to be shorter than the original so that they look like they belong to the house instead of the garage.

If the exterior door is replaced with a glass one, be sure to change the door that leads from the garage to the house. Get rid of the standard, weak interior-style one and replace it with one that provides the security of an exterior entry door.

3. Make Sure You Have Plenty of Power

Designing a space takes much more than just making it look right. Research the hidden requirements of your dream space. Remember that architects are building experts, but they may not have experience in wood shop operation, metalworking, theater operation, and other such things. This makes it important for you to provide the specs for these types of requirements. If you have trouble figuring out these aspects, try bringing in a professional designer who has experience with your specific project type. These designers may already work with your architectural firm, so be sure to ask.

Remember that electricity isn’t the only kind of power you’ll want. A modern space also gives you the power to connect to the Internet. Have cable outlets built in so that if you get equipment that needs a connection, all you have to do is plug it in. Having the connections built in will also save you from having to run messy cables along the walls later on.

These are three big ways you can improve your garage conversion project. Talk to a designer and architect today to finesse your project even further.


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