4 Great Ideas For Your Bonus RoomYou know that you could use some extra space in your home, and a bonus room is just the ticket. However, how do you get the best use out of a bonus room? You can certainly manage to utilize the space you get in almost any fashion. However, if you want to love your bonus room, you will take the time to make it perfect for you from the very beginning. These ideas will guide your planning for your bonus room and help you conceive of a bonus room that is everything you want it to be.

1. Designate a Use Plan

When you buy a home with an existing bonus room, you really do not know what you are going to get until you see it. Building a bonus room, on the other hand, allows you to know exactly what you are creating. Before you get too far into the planning process, start to formulate a concrete concept for the bonus room. You might just want to have a playroom for the kids, but you can plan to make it really functional and enjoyable by making a few extra decisions at the outset. A playroom or library may need more natural lighting than a home theater, so your use plan will guide many other design decisions.

2. Select a Theme for Design

Building a bonus room is not just about construction. It is also about interior design. Get out a pencil and some graph paper and start drawing it out. Consider the placement of windows, doors, light switches and electrical outlets. At that point, you can start to think about a theme for the décor of the bonus room. Color combinations range from the pale and muted to the bold and brash. You might discover that purple and orange, or yellow and grey, are amazing for the look of the room. Just plan to keep the décor consistent. Most people like to select one piece of furniture or an accessory that they think suits the space perfectly, and then purchase all items to accompany that one piece.

3. Make it Bright

These days, trends in home improvement and room additions feature lots of natural lighting. You can make almost any room naturally bright and pleasant simply by changing the placement of lighting. If you want the room to count as a spare bedroom or as a functional room for your home’s resale value, you want to add at least 10 square feet of windows to the room. This may not be terribly complicated, especially if you consider adding a skylight.

4. Consider Multiple Spaces

When you add a bonus room, no one said it only had to be one room. For example, if you are adding a loft design with a bedroom, you do not have to sacrifice the entire space to the bedroom. Instead, you might enclose the bedroom with an additional wall and a door. This allows you to leave the remaining space above the staircase somewhat more open. You could designate that area as a small sitting room or foyer for people to congregate, leaving the bedroom a more private space. If adding extra walls and doors seems like too much of an expense, you can still create unique spaces within a single larger room. Arrange furniture and bookcases in the room to build unique zones in the room. That way, you maximize the useful space of the room without having your family members sitting miles apart.

A bonus room can be a wonderful addition to your home. Giving some serious thought to the planning and design will make it better. By considering how you plan to use the room, décor options, lighting and the arrangement of the space, you will enjoy your new bonus room even more than you could have imagined.


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