4 hurdles you will face when planning a kitchen remodelYou have a dream in mind, for the perfect kitchen that will make cooking, baking and even just hanging out at home an unending joy. Once you wake up from that dream, however, you realize that you have a lot of work to do. By crossing the hurdles presented to you by your budget, design, contractors and timing, you can get the kitchen you want without falling on your face.


There are two ways that your budget can make your life difficult during a kitchen remodel. First, you must have the money to start, and kitchen remodeling is not something you can do very cheaply if you expect quality. Remodeling Magazine notes that a minor kitchen remodel should cost you around $20,000, while a midrange major kitchen remodel might cost you three times that. Of course, these are nationwide estimates that may differ greatly depending on the contractors you hire, the materials you use, where you live and even the time of year you do the project. The second thing you must remember about your budget is that estimates are just that: an estimate of the money the contractor thinks you will spend on the project. You may end up needing more, especially if your workers discover problems lurking behind your walls. Try to build in a cushion of 10 percent of the total estimated cost, just in case.

Design vs Reality

The real reason you want to hire an architect to design your new kitchen is because professionals know so much more about how to put your dream kitchen into reality. You should start with pictures of kitchens that seem appealing to you. However, just because someone else has a large island with a snack bar in a large kitchen does not mean that the same will work in your space. You need a professional from the very first stages of actual design. Once you have come up with a list of the things that you need, want and are somewhat indifferent about for your new kitchen, you should consult someone skilled in kitchen design to help you figure out what is realistic for your budget.

Finding the Right Contractors

Many of your friends and family members probably have a story about a contractor who took the money and ran. However, this is not the most likely negative occurrence you might face when selecting contractors. Most contractors aim to provide you with a good service. Your budget, the contractor’s experience in the materials you want and how busy they are at the time all affect the quality the contractor is able to provide for you. For the best reference of a contractor’s current ability to serve you, ask about the three most recent projects. While remodeling jobs completed years ago may show you some of the contractor’s skills, they tell you nothing about the subcontractors the contractor currently use or the change in price of materials.


A significant overhaul of your kitchen is not something you can do over a weekend, of course. As such, you may need to plan it months or even a year in advance. You should estimate 1-2 months for the time to complete the construction of the project, although you may need more time for special orders. Construction businesses are busiest from late spring to the middle of fall. If you want your pick of the best contractors, you should arrange for the service as far in advance as you can.

Planning to remodel your kitchen takes a lot of time and preparation. When you carefully consider your budget, design needs, available contractors and overall project timing, you can better ensure that your kitchen remodel plans will come to fruition.


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