4 mistakes great architects never makeWhen you set out to work with a good architect, you know that you’ll get the best of everything– including the best customer service and the most thoughtful, attractive design. What you may not be aware of are the mistakes that you can trust your architect not to make. The four mistakes we laid out below are bad choices that you won’t get from a great architect.

Failure to Match Your Existing Home’s Visual Aesthetic

Let’s say you’re adding on an addition to your historic property. You’re very proud of the way your home looks, but you don’t really know what specifically makes your home so historic. A lesser architect or building contractor may suggest an addition that could confuse the historic origins of your home. By installing an addition that doesn’t match the original historic style and aesthetic, you could reduce the historic value of your property.

When you hire a qualified and experienced architect to design your home’s addition, you can trust that your architect will understand and appreciate the historic characteristics that make up your home. Your architect will do his or her best to match the existing architectural style.

Letting your architect take the reigns, you know that the historic qualities of your property will be preserved when you commission the design. Great architects know how to avoid the “patchwork quilt” look that plagues so many home additions. A great architect will preserve your home’s historic qualities, and will only present you with designs that match your home’s original style.

Failure to Conform to Today’s Safety and Comfort Standards

Lesser designers will ignore safety trends and comfort standards. A great architect will be informed of all the latest building and safety trends.

As a property owner, you can’t be expected to understand the the latest innovations in architectural ergonomics, durability or sustainability. This is why you need a qualified and experienced architect to help with your home’s design.This will ensure that your design will be safe and viable for many years to come, adding value to your property. Commissioning an up-to-date design will ensure that your home will be energy efficient, attractive and comfortable.

Failure to Meet the Needs of the Home’s Occupants

Great architects understand the purpose of great architectural design, and how that design can be used to meet the needs of the people. Lesser building designers may think only of their own purposes, but great architects design for others.

Beginning from your first consultation, you architect will seek to understand your specific needs, so he or she can create a design that suits your purposes.

Are you looking for vast open spaces in your home? Do you need extra organizational space to make it easier to work in your home? Do you have physical challenges that require special accommodations? Whatever your personal circumstances, your architect will find a way to meet your needs with artistic flair.

Failure to Work With your Home’s Natural Surroundings

Your home shouldn’t stick out from the landscape. Instead, your home should be an integral part of the natural surroundings. A great architect will design structures that preserve the natural beauty of the land around the home, ensuring that your outdoor space enhances and complements the look of your home, and vice-versa.

When you work with a great architect, you can expect more than a beautiful design. A great architect will create a structure that is fully realized and integrated with the surroundings. If it happens that your architect has been hired to remodel a existing home of historic value, that value will be preserved and enhanced by the quality of your architect’s design. Once you’ve hired a skilled architect to design your project, you can sit back and let the architect do the work, confident that the quality of the work will match your expectations.

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