4 reasons why a NJ home addition should start with an architectWhether it is for an extra bedroom and bath, family room, or home office, you’ve come to the conclusion more floor space would be beneficial for your home. In order to have the extra space, you need a well-constructed addition to fit the available lot size, your budget, and one that blends with the current architectural style of the house as well as an addition that conveys the features and amenities you’ve envisioned for the new structure both inside and out.

In the Montclair and Morristown areas of New Jersey, you will also want an addition that meets the standards for construction set by the city, county, or township and a building that will pass inspection. To ensure the job is up to par, it is best to hire the services of a qualified architect. Here are four reasons why.

Architect Credibility

Regardless of the size of the home addition, it involves time and money and you want the process to be right from the start. Hiring an architect provides several benefits to ensure your money is well spent. An architect has the education and training to understand the ins and outs of what is required when designing an addition as well as knowledge of building materials and how they work together. Architects don’t work in the dark. They’ll do an onsite check of the location and take everything into consideration before laying out a design including any negative ramifications an addition can cause to the roof line, adjacent walls, wiring, HVAC duct work and foundation.


Each city and state has its own regulations for requiring permits for home repair, renovation, wiring, plumbing, roof replacement and new additions. In Montclair and Morristown, a permit is required before a new addition can be constructed. Any permits must be approved and in hand prior to the start of construction. An added benefit of hiring an architect is you’ll have a hands-on copy of the design plans. Theses come in handy if you’re considering making a change and need to discuss it with the architect, to show the contractor when requesting bids, and to show building inspectors. If necessary, an architect can guide you through the application process.

Communication – Turning A Dream Into a Reality

You have a vision of what you want your addition to look like from ceiling to floor. An architect takes your vision and turns it into a viable plan using every possible option to create the right design within the available parameters. If there are limitations to what is possible, an architect has the experience to know how to turn those limitations into advantages whenever possible.

For example, if adding a second floor addition to a one-story home isn’t possible due to structural issues, or the terrain is problematic, an architect will tell you it isn’t possible and find an alternative. Architects understand communication with the client is a top priority so there is no confusion along the way resulting in a satisfied client.

Licensed and Insured

Choosing a reputable and established architect with a clean record with the Better Business Bureau ensures you will receive top-notch work. These professional individuals are licensed by the state and carry general liability insurance. Architects also have a network to other professionals such as building contractors, plumbers, electricians, and other consultants that can be brought into the project on the owner’s behalf.

With the architect coordinating the consultants on the job front start to finish, they see the work, first hand, and can reject any defective work or materials and make sure the design plan is being followed to the letter. The more your architect can do means less stress for you.


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