4 Things Your Architect Really Wants From YouWhen you are planning an addition or a new home, there are certain things that your architect needs from you that are obvious (time frame, locations, styles, colors you like, etc.) but there are also a number of “softer issues” that most good architects want to know more about.

In the end, they want to help you achieve your desired objectives and will likely want to know more about:

  1. Your Hopes and Dreams – The first thing your architect needs is a good understanding of your aspirations.  Where are you going with your life? What is your future all about? How does your new home or addition fit into those dreams?  Is your family as large as it will become or are you still growing? Do you have extended family that may need to live with you at some point? Where do you expect to be three years from now and ten years from now? Are you growing in your career or retiring? What are your career goals and where are you right now? If you are married, do both spouses work full time out of the home? Do you or are you planning to home school? What are the top ten things on your bucket list?
  2. Your Lifestyle  – Do you travel a lot or are you a “stay at home” family. Do you entertain and if so, what do you like to do? Do you throw extravagant parties or do you like to have just a have a few couples over for dinner? Are you an outdoor kind of family or do you stay indoors most of the time? How many cars do you own or expect to own in the future? Do you own a boat or an RV or other big ticket items that need to be stored on your property? Do you go “out to the movies,” or would you be happier with a home entertainment center? Do you like formal dinners or do you eat dinner around the kitchen counter? Where do you and your family spend most of your time together and individually? Do your children have lots of friends and do they spend time at your home? Do they “hang out” in a recreation area or family room or do they spend more time outside at a pool or playing sports? Do you have any musicians or artists in the family who would benefit from a studio? How do you feel about lighting – like lots of natural light or prefer privacy and indoor lighting?
  3. Feelings about Space and Time – Do you like big expansive layouts or do you prefer intimate settings. Go inside yourself a bit and think about when you are the most comfortable and then try to relay those feelings to your architect. Most god architects don’t simply build buildings, they fulfill dreams. They try to capture the essence of their clients and then translate it into the kind of atmosphere that appeals to their clients. Do you have a timeframe in mind or are you more open ended when it comes to getting to where you want to be in your life. Do you need room in your home for an office or work room? Do you work out and need an exercise room?
  4. Your Budget – An architect needs to know how much money you intend to spend on your new home or addition so they can recommend the right settings, building materials, contractors and suppliers.  Ranges are okay, but they need some understanding of what is very important to you vs. what things are “nice to haves” if we can afford it.

Work with an architect who will take the time to understand what you and your family are all about.  The more they know about you on a personal level, the more they can help you achieve your hopes and dreams.

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