4 tips for homeowners who are ready to add a bonus roomAdding a bonus room can add value and square footage to your home. From an architectural and construction point of view, a bonus room is a multipurpose home addition with a fairly large amount of square footage. As a homeowner, it is up to you to decide the various uses for the room, the square footage and the amenities.

Decide the Purposes of the Room

Bonus rooms have the potential to serve a variety of functions. They can be used as family rooms and children’s play areas. They can be constructed with wet bars and a gaming areas for entertainment, and they can house gym equipment for the active people in your family. Before you start construction on your bonus room, you will need to determine a preliminary floor plan to make sure all of the areas you need for your family are incorporated into the design.

Determine the Square Footage

Family rooms can be any size. Homeowners typically choose dimensions that range between 12′ by 18′ and 22′ by 28′. Determine the size you need by thinking about the furnishings and open spaces you want in the room. For example, if you plan to put in a large couch, coffee table and entertainment center, you will need space for the furniture and enough floor space to navigate comfortably around the furniture. The average couch is 18” by 72”. Coffee tables can be as large as 18” by 48”, and entertainment centers can take up an entire wall.

Add the Details

No room addition is complete without a few luxury details. Do you want custom light fixtures, a fireplace or an adult beverage center? All of these details can easily be added into your bonus room plan in order to make the space uniquely yours.

You should also determine the location of your bonus room. Most individuals and families choose to add their bonus rooms onto the backs of their houses because the backyard offers the most space. However, if there are any trees or decks, those will have to be removed prior to construction.

You also need to think about the entryway to your new room addition. While some additions are designed to simply enter through the rear door of the house, any type of entryway can be created. If your family room is positioned against the kitchen, you can take out part or all of the back wall of the home and create an open area that combines the kitchen with the new bonus room.

Consult an Architect

An architect can help you turn your dream bonus room plans into a beautiful reality. While any home builder can add a room onto a home, the builder may not have skills to make that room look like an original part of the house, and who wants a bonus room that looks like an obvious addition?

An architect can look at the current interior and exterior of your home and design a bonus room that matches your existing home from the foundation to the roof line. They can even suggest changes that would make your bonus room more functional while keeping its warm and inviting atmosphere.

If you have several ideas, an architect can sketch all the preliminary drawings so that you can vet them before construction begins. This is also the best time to make changes to your plans, because it is very hard to alter a project once construction has begun, and if changes are requested after construction has started, the changes can vastly increase the cost of the project.


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