5 awesome finishing touches for your home additionA home addition serves a few core purposes: It makes a home more useful, adds space, and when properly finished, will enhance the appearance of the house. While a basic addition can fulfill all of these purposes to a point, you’ll find that your enjoyment of the new home addition will depend a lot on the finishing touches. These are what turn a space from a basic area into one that perfectly matches your needs and personality. Here are five things you can do to really bring out its full glory:

  1. Add Organizer Units. Every space looks best when kept neat and clean, but most people will only do this if it doesn’t make it hard to get to needed items. Organizer units are made to ease the removal of these items as well as their storage, and thereby motivate people to actually use the storage system. Different rooms need different types of units – a workshop looks great with metal cabinets and pegboards, while a bedroom should have chests, wardrobes, and open cube-shaped cubbies.
  2. Hide mismatched elements. Upgrading an older home can be tough since today’s modern amenities don’t look right when paired with 1900s styling. A great way to bypass this problem is to hide microwaves, modern spice jars, and other such things behind period-style cabinet doors. This allows you to have everything you’d expect from modern life without destroying the vintage look of an old house.
  3. Add motorized window treatments. These high-end accents are great for modern styles. If you’ve ever been woken up by the sun blasting through bedroom curtains that were accidentally left open, you’ll appreciate the practical benefit of being able to close them by remote control. For most, though, there’s another reason to get motorized window treatments: They’re cool.
  4. Choose moldings carefully. The molding at the ceilings is especially period-sensitive. Pick sleek, minimalistic styles for modern homes because it accentuates the rest of the decor in such houses. If your house is old, though, go for ornate crown moldings. The same goes for the moldings around doorways.
  5. Add a unique floor. Unique flooring has been making some serious waves over the last several years. This goes far beyond choosing a specific type of hardwood or an unusual ceramic tile pattern. Try having a floor made out of embedded pennies or a similar material for a look that is stunning and beautiful – and a conversation starter. If you don’t want your floor to stand out quite so much but still want an eye-catching effect, try cork or bamboo. These materials provide a more typical “floor” look, but are still different enough that you can be sure that your guests haven’t seen them a million times before.

Each room in a house looks best with its own finishing touches, so there are no one-size-fits-all solutions. For example, many rooms need some sort of cabinetry in order to keep everything organized, but the style needs to change according to the room’s purpose. The same goes for the floor – kitchens require waterproof and spill-proof flooring, but bedrooms can usually have materials that are much more sensitive. By altering the details with each room, you can be sure that the elements will last for years. Making each room a bit different will also keep the spaces interesting and help contribute to the mood each room is meant to have.

Keep an open mind and you can really add some nice finishing touches that completely add to your new home addition.

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