A bonus room is an incredible addition to a home. Aside from being an additional space for you and your family to have a great time, a bonus room increases your home’s value. Adding a bonus room that’s appealing to buyers allows you to raise your asking price a great deal. Here are five bonus room ideas that can help you decide exactly what type of room you want to have.

1. Bar
A bar can be a wonderful place for adults to escape without having to leave home. A bonus room bar can be as fancy or casual as you want. Some of the most common and popular bar themes include the following:

  • Wine cellar
  • Martini
  • Sports
  • Tap beer
  • Cigar

If these themes aren’t appealing, you can create your own. The possibilities of bar themes truly are endless. To get the most out of the bar theme you choose, put your creativity to the test and try to make your bonus room bar as unique as possible.

2. Office
An office isn’t the most creative type of bonus room, but it’s extremely efficient because it allows you to use other rooms in your house to meet immediate needs. Many homeowners who have an office bonus room use the extra space in their home to create a play, movie, storage, or exercise room. Their home is functional and their family is happy. Additionally, many people who have a bonus room office find that their secluded space helps them get away and concentrate well. In this regard, a bonus room office ensures increased productivity.

3. Movie room
Movie rooms are one of the most popular types of bonus rooms. A movie room can be created to resemble an actual movie theater or to be an extra living-room-type space. Most people who create a movie room make it as comfortable as possible. Soft chairs, sofas, and pillows are great. A surround-sound system and huge television are a must.

4. A guest bedroom
A guest bedroom is the ideal type of bonus room for homeowners who have a lot of visitors. The good thing about a guest bedroom is that it can be arranged and decorated the way you want. This helps your guests feel comfortable and at home. One or two beds can be put in the room. If it’s a room where young kids will be staying, a bunk bed can be a great addition. Other things you can put in the room include a small sofa, an armchair or a dresser.

You can put decorations and paintings that match those in your home or you can make the guest room its own unique space. The choice is completely up to you.

5. An exercise room
Exercise bonus rooms are great for homeowners who are busy and/or have kids. An exercise bonus room allows you to get a quick workout in without having to waste time going to the gym. The room can be created based on the types of exercises you do. Any or all of the following can be put in the room:

  • A treadmill
  • A stationary bicycle
  • An elliptical machine
  • A rowing machine
  • Free weights
  • Machine weights
  • Medicine and exercise balls

The room can be as personalized as you want. A television or music system is always a great added touch.

Your bonus room can be anything you imagine and these ideas can be used to help you start the process of creating and building an amazing bonus room. If you need any help or have any questions, contact Prime Draft Architecture. Our design solutions always exceed our clients’ aspirations.