5 Home Addition TrendsHome design trends are always changing, but this year’s trends continue one main trend that has been in progress for several years now – the trend toward open spaces inside homes. This has made it so that the home addition often takes a form that doesn’t follow the old pattern of adding a partial story to the top of the house. Instead, expansions are more likely to be low and wide. Alternatively, a remodeling job may involve taking something out instead of putting it in. Here are five of the main trends that have been emerging over the last year:

Enlarging Existing Rooms

Older design styles often included small living rooms or small bedrooms, and these small spaces clash with today’s ideas of wide open interior spaces. One big trend is to have the houses exterior walls moved outwards in order to make these rooms bigger. The living room is the most popular target for this type of update.

Adding a Sunroom

A sunroom is made mostly or even completely out of windows, and even the roof may be made of glass. Putting one of these on the side or back of a house makes it look upscale while providing a great spot for parties or simple casual socializing. The addition of a sunroom should also include plenty of extra insulation for the wall that is shared with the house. This is because sunrooms collect plenty of heat, and keeping that heat outside will help prevent high air conditioning bills.

Redoing the Kitchen

One of the biggest trends in kitchen design is the addition of dual islands. These provide more counter space for cooking and baking projects, but more importantly, they provide plenty of attractive storage space. The need for storage space has only been growing over recent decades, and this overall trend continues to expand. It’s no wonder that additional kitchen islands are welcome in so many homes!

Another major trend in kitchen design involves deletions rather than additions. Older homes typically have kitchens that are walled off from dining or living rooms. Modern ones, on the other hand, use open designs that either have no barriers at all or that only have a kitchen counter separating them. Therefore, many people who want to modernize will have the barrier walls torn down. Tearing down walls isn’t as simple as getting out an axe – the wall may be helping to support the structure of the house. It’s a good idea to hire an architect to make sure that it’ll be safe to completely remove any wall, especially if it’s centrally located. If it turns out that the wall is a supporting one, an architect can suggest appealing alternatives such as one or more decorative support poles or pillars.

Adding a Deck

It’s the choice of construction material and features that makes this trendy rather than the idea of a deck itself. A general trend towards low-maintenance construction has led to increasing use of composite materials that never need staining and are impervious to insects. Trendy features include built-in fire pits, nooks for outdoor cooking appliances, and other upscale perks. Together, these things transform the boring wood deck of 20 years ago into something new and exciting.

Building Upwards

Building additions on top of existing houses will always be popular because there isn’t always room to build widthwise. One trend for these is to use them for media or exercise rooms. Old standbys, such as bedrooms, are also popular additions. These are all great uses for extra space that has been added to the top of a house.

These are just some of the top trends in home additions. They make houses bigger, provide a more open feel, and add functionality. Talk to an architect today to get started!

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