5 Home Improvements to Take Your Home Addition Plans from Good to GreatThere are so many ways to complete a home addition that it’s hard to choose what would make it great. But what makes a home addition plan great can differ from one person to the next. You need to evaluate whether the addition is something that will change the quality of your life and if it will also increase the value of your home. For instance, if you like to cook and spend a lot of time in the kitchen, then an extensive kitchen remodel might be something to think about. However, if you are the type of person who eats out frequently, you may want to skip the brand-new kitchen with high-end appliances and instead invest in a new master bathroom. The following five improvements will not only boost the value of your home, but will also save you money down the road, making them pretty great investments.

  • Window Replacement

Nowadays, energy-efficient windows are very popular with buyers and renovators. Older single-pane windows let in drafts and don’t hold heat and cool air the way that energy-efficient windows can. Multi-pane windows can help save you upwards of $500 a year in heating and cooling costs. According to HGTV, people can expect to see a 60% to 90% return when you invest in energy-efficient windows. There is also the possibility that you could receive a green energy tax credit of 10% for upgrading windows to a better quality. Replacing your windows can also add curb appeal. If it’s in the budget, you can upgrade all the windows in your home at once, creating cohesiveness across your entire home. But don’t just replace the windows in order to lower your energy bills. The cost can be a hefty investment, along with the need to remove and replace interior and exterior trim as well as a substantial amount of painting, so you should replace them only if they are old or you are having a serious draft issues.

  1. Siding Replacement

When doing renovations, whether it’s inside or out, you may over look the fact that additions will change the layout and appearance of our homes. On average, homeowners who replace their siding—whether it’s wood, composite, or vinyl—can see an 80% return on the project. New siding adds to the curb appeal and helps give your home a makeover, making it look brand-new. It can really change the overall look and feel of your home from the street. Vinyl and composite siding are tremendously low-maintenance, lasting up to 25 years. Typically, houses need exterior repair or repainting every five to ten years, but with these vinyl and composite materials, this maintenance is eliminated, making it affordable, energy-conscious, and able to really give your home a curb appeal boost.

  1. Attic Bedroom

Most people have attics that are underutilized—either empty or full of boxes and belongings that aren’t regularly used. So if you have the ability to turn your attic space into a functional room, do it. This extra space can significantly add to the functionality of your house. Parts of the attic could become a large home office, an extra bedroom, a playroom, a hangout room, or even a theater/game room, depending upon the needs of your family. Most homeowners who add an attic room see a return of 83% on their investment. But changing your attic into usable space isn’t as simple as other renovations. It can be costly depending on the size of the room and the shape it’s in. You’ll need to measure for headroom, evaluate light and access to the room, consider adding dormers for additional space, check out the floor framing, and measure the temperature of the room to decide if any extra insulation will be necessary. But building up is less expensive than building out, so reinventing this attic space will give you additional square footage that could really add potential and functionality to your home.

  1. Deck Addition

Outdoor space is very important to some homeowners. Whether you enjoy entertaining or having small family barbecues, having an area outdoors where you can sit and relax on a nice day is something most people want in their home. Adding an outdoor living space can add value to your property and it will definitely add extra appeal if you plan to sell your home. The cost of creating a deck can vary depending on several different variables. It all really depends on the size and how many upgrades you want such as built-in seating, numerous sets of stairs, built-in flower pots, and most importantly the size of the deck you want to create. Another big part of cost is the materials. Certain deck materials can cost more depending on whether you want pressure-treated lumber, redwood and cedar, tropical hardwoods, composites, or aluminum. Each of these materials have their own pros and cons, so it would be best to speak with a contractor to see what type of materials they prefer to use or have used on previous jobs, as well as what materials work with your budget and personal preference.

  1. Basic Updates

Simple updates can add the most value to your home. Things like a new coat of paint, roof fixes, replacing wood rot, and ridding your home of mold are just some of the basic things that you can do to keep your home in pristine condition. You may also want to check out upgrading electrical wiring, repainting the exterior of the home, or replacing plumbing. These improvements are not 100% necessary, but if you plan on selling your home in the near future, investing in these updates will make your house attractive to new buyers. In addition to the updates previously mentioned, you can add crown molding to give your rooms extra character, upgrade the dishwasher in your kitchen to help conserve water, add landscaping details like flowers or mulch for an extra burst of color, replace the thermostat, or update your home’s fire alarm system. These small changes can add up to a great value and will modernize and improve your home. 

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