five hurdles architects often faceArchitects love what they do.  But even loving your work comes with some problems.  Here are some of the hurdles that most architects face in their day to day work.

Lack of Appreciation

One issue that architects often run into while on the job is a lack of appreciation for their work. Sometimes people don’t get it. They don’t really have a true appreciation for the beauty, skill and functionality that is a part of architecture. This is likely due to the lack of programs related to art and culture in primary and secondary education. People are often encouraged to pursue careers that are heavy in math and science.

Sometimes an architect can feel that their clients don’t appreciate that creativity is a big part of what an architect brings to the table.  Sure, there is the technical skill, but understanding what the homeowner wants and incorporating that into the big picture and making it all fit together and look great is quite a skill.  A great architect is like a symphony conductor.  You may not realize what they’re doing, but in the end you appreciate the beauty of the finished project.

Many Responsibilities

An architect has many responsibilities. Some are the ones you would typically associate with an architect; planning, drawing, working with the contractor. But there are others.  Working with the client to help them uncover what they really want.  Often people think they want one thing but they really want something completely different.  A great architect can help draw out the true desires of a homeowner. It can be the toughest part of the job and one of the qualities that really separates a good architect from a great one.

Municipal Regulations

Especially here in New Jersey, there are many different towns.  It’s truly amazing that for such a small state New Jersey has over 500 towns! And every town has its own regulations and rules that must be followed when you’re building a house or putting an addition on to your existing home.  So an architect in New Jersey has a lot of municipal rules that they have to keep abreast of.  And it’s not just the rules and regulations, it’s also dealing with the people who work in the municipal offices.  They can have some quirky personalities that make those interactions interesting.

Problems During Construction

Despite the best planning and preparation, problems can pop up in almost any project.  The truly great architect springs into action and comes to the table with a solution.  Problem solving is definitely a great quality that you want in your architect.  When your architect can work with your contractor to solve problems quickly and efficiently, it makes everything about your construction project easier.

Ornery Contractors

Contractors like everyone else can be great people, even awesome people.  But there are some contractors who can be, shall we say, ornery.  A great architect knows how to work with even the toughest, gruffest contractor.  When your architect and contractor work together well, your project is smooth as silk.  Many of the qualities mentioned above, like problem solving and being able to draw out what someone really wants are not only applicable to and architect’s clients but also to the contractors that they work with.  If your architect and contractor have worked on other jobs together before.  That’s a very good sign.  They probably already have a great working relationship and that can be a big plus for your project.

So consider these 5 hurdles that your architect may face.  They can also be great questions to ask an architect before you hire them.  Ask them how they deal with these situations.  Their answers can reveal a lot.



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