5 Ideas for Designing on a Budget in a Small Master Bedroom copyA small master bedroom can be tricky to design. Especially if you’re on a budget. Unfortunately, some of the trendiest and most popular modern design options can be quite expensive. If you want to create an amazing design for your master bedroom but don’t want to break your bank account while doing so, here are 5 ideas that can help you.

1. Downsize your bed

Your bed undoubtedly takes up the most space in your bedroom. In a small bedroom, a huge king-size bed that sits high above the ground will smother the room. It will be hard to move around and it will be difficult to put dressers or other types of furniture in the room. The ideal bed for a small master bedroom is a queen or full-size one. The ideal bed frame is one that sits low to the ground. An Oriental-style bed frame is a great modern option that can really open up your bedroom and make it look unique. Most Oriental frames are inexpensive simply because they require fewer materials to make.

2. Put storage under your bed

Like a king-size bed, a large dresser can completely suffocate your small bedroom. An amazing option that will help you save space is under-the-bed storage. There are many different types of bed frames that have drawers under them. Modern, Scandinavian, and antique options are all available. The added benefit of storage under the bed is that it’s super convenient—everything is right there under your bed ready for you to access.

3. Avoid unnecessary furniture and household items

This step is the ultimate money saver. Before you start putting furniture and household items in your room ask yourself:

  • Do I really need this in my room?
  • Is there somewhere else I can put this?

The answers to these questions will more often than not be “no” and “yes” respectively. When you think about it, you really don’t need that many things in your small bedroom—a bed, nightstand, lamp, and storage area pretty much covers it. Also, household items like vacuums, dog beds, and anything else can surely be put elsewhere in your home. Space and money will be saved if you take the time to practice this step.

4. Spend money on your bedding accessories

As alluded to, your bed is the centerpiece of your room. You should spend money buying accessories that make it look great. Pillows, comforters, and sheets can be relatively cheap and come in a plethora of colors and style options. This will be a tremendous benefit, especially if you eliminate furniture and household items as discussed in #3.

5. Choose the right types of wall accessories

Putting large paintings (especially dark-colored ones) can make your room look much smaller than it really is. If you want to put something that is a medium or large size on your wall, an accented mirror is your best bet. Also, putting your television on your wall is a great way to save space. The cost of mounting devices are relatively inexpensive and devices are usually easy-to-install.

These five design ideas can help your small master bedroom be a unique, charming, and inexpensive one. Remember, your bed will be the centerpiece of your room. Choose your bed and bedding accessories wisely, and all other design ideas will easily fall into place. Creating the small master bedroom of your dreams while staying within your budget is entirely possible if you take the necessary steps.

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