5 key reasons you need an architectArchitects do more than just produce drawings and blue prints, more than just make designs. Architects create works of art. Hiring an architect can mean the difference between a good remodel and a remarkable remodel–the difference between a good building and a beautiful building.

Architects Innovate

Architects keep up with the latest environmentally friendly and sustainable technologies. They know how to make their projects ergonomically safe, and can work with the surrounding environment to create a fully integrated product that seamlessly blends in with the landscape.

Architects can use the elements of three-dimensional design to create projects that are eye-catching and attention grabbing, harmonizing and soothing, radical and unexpected–whatever your desires. In other words, your architect can transform your project using all the latest methods, materials, styles and techniques.

Architects are Sensitive to the Needs of the Client

Architects understand that all clients come from different backgrounds, have different tastes and are seeking different results. When you first hire an architect, you’ll have multiple consultations. During those meetings, your architect will ask you questions about your expectations and hopes for your project.

When the interview is over, your architect will take all the information gleaned from your conversations together, and will use that information to fuse your needs with your wants. It is, after all, the job of the architect to design a project that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them in everyway.

Many Architects Will Negotiate

One of the common reasons that many people decline to hire an architect for their project is because of the cost. Architects usually charge a fee based on the square footage of the project. The fee will vary depending on the years of experience, the location and size of the firm, and other factors. While the quality of the work that the architect offers may be second to none, some property owners look at the price of the architect and balk.

What they may not realize is that many architects are willing to negotiate. For a standard home remodeling project, for example, an architect might be willing to negotiate a flat fee for the blue prints and design, while charging only an hourly rate for changes to the original blue prints. Negotiations like this allow property owners on a budget to hire a qualified architect for their project without exceeding their budget.  Of course every architect is different, so ask.

Architects Fuse Aesthetics and Functionality

Contractors may know how to build structures that work, but architects have an artistic flourish. This useful elegance is the result of serious study and rigorous training. By the time an architect is working in the field, he or she will have taken years of classes in art and science, math and design. When architects begin on their first paid projects, they’ve clocked countless hours of training in the field of architecture. This synthesis of practical and poetic, useful and elegant, is the result. Like symphony directors, architects fuse beauty and technical brilliance into one product.

Architects Offer the Best Results

It’s your money, your property and your building or home, and you’re going to have to live with the results of your project for many years to come. Your project is too important not to hire someone who is invested in making it beautiful, useful, solid and strong. Your architect will produce results that are both beautiful and noteworthy, results that will stand the test of time.

If you’re ready to get started on your upcoming project, now is the time to talk to a qualified architect. New Jersey residents seeking a qualified architect to transform their project can contact Prime Draft Studio for a consultation.

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