5 Mudroom Ideas To Keep You OrganizedShielding a home from the messiness of the outdoors remains the key function of a mudroom. It’s a special place where people and pets can shed their wet, muddy, or dirty apparel before stepping foot into the rest of the house. This small haven also offers plenty of opportunities for easy organization and customization, depending on your family’s needs.

Some things a mudroom can handle include:
* Coats
* Hats
* Shoes
* Backpacks
* Keys
* Sports equipment
* Leashes
* Mail

If you think that’s too big of a list, don’t worry. Mudrooms have numerous ways to keep all of these items neat and tidy.

5 mudroom ideas for organization

1. Storage
While this might be obvious, a lot of storage options exist for this small space. Once you decide who will be using the room and what for, start planning for closets, hooks, drawers, open spaces, and hardware. For instance, if you plan on having a spot for keys, make sure it’s accessible and near the doorway. Also, if kids will be frequently using your mudroom, opt for low hanging hooks, personalized cubbies, and even outlets for charging devices.

2. Shelves
Create convenient lockers or cubbies out of a shelving unit. Put hooks inside each unit for easy garment hanging. Even assigning a designated basket in each nook will do wonders for organization. These can hold keys, purses, dry socks or slippers, and more. Plus, shelves can be used to keep sporting equipment arranged neatly so it’s not left all over the house.

3. Seating
One of the most important, and often most overlooked, elements of a mudroom is bench seating. Allow people to take a load off by incorporating a bench into the room design. This encourages people to take off their shoes or set down their bags. Plus, a bench offers extra space underneath so family members can just slide off their shoes and store them there. You can even have fun with colored-upholstery to really make an impression.

4. Multifunctional
If you’re lucky enough, you can have an entryway, laundry room, and mudroom all in one convenient spot! It’s the perfect opportunity for people to put away dirty clothes and belongings quickly. You can even design your mudroom to be pet-friendly by having tile floors, a sink, cabinetry for food, and places for food bowls. Towel bars allow for quick-drying action on those rainy days. Another possibility could be the addition of a desk, which could double as both a workspace and landing pad for mail.

5. Décor
Just because your mudroom has a lot of functions doesn’t mean it can’t be glamorous. Keep the flow of your house smooth and integrated by matching this room to the rest of the décor. Since you’ll spend a lot of time here, invest in making it comfortable and welcoming, one of its other main functions. Consider the lighting and overall ambiance. While it should be durable with easy-to-clean storage options, it should also transition seamlessly into the next room.

If you’re renovating a home or building a brand-new one, consider the many benefits of having a mudroom. These spaces greatly enhance any floor plan by offering valuable storage options for busy families. No matter the design, a mudroom can provide maximum organization while keeping clutter away.

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