Bathrooms are the jewelry of a home. People like them shiny and new with the latest designs and trendy tile work. More importantly, master bathrooms have become a necessity for today’s homeowners. Long gone are the days of sharing a bathroom with the kids or guests—private accommodations reign supreme. If you’re looking to give your en-suite bathroom a facelift, it’s a good idea to find some inspiration before you begin. Additionally, if you find you require a professional to complete the job, it’s important that you do your research and find a reputable architect who can complete your project flawlessly.

The following are just a few things to discuss with your architect prior to beginning a build:

1.What will the renovation cost and should you budget for unexpected problems?

Renovations will always vary in price depending on the materials you choose, fixtures, lighting, furniture pieces, and labor. If you plan on doing the work yourself, it can lower some cost, but you will still need professionals for the more complex jobs like plumbing and electric.

When discussing your en-suite with an architect, find out what they expect the renovation to cost. Most bathroom renovations cost on average between $10,000 and $15,000. It’s always better to budget for extra expenses just in case. In addition, put money aside for any unexpected problems that could range from mold to poor plumbing and even dangerous wiring. Having part of your budget set aside for surprise problems will give you peace of mind.

2. What materials do they plan on using?

Once your architect knows your budget, they can begin creating a functional layout for your space. If you want to keep your budget on the lower end, they will adjust their plans to fit your needs. An architect is there to take your needs and wants in a space and turn them into a real design that also fits within the budget and space constraints. They will advise you on what materials will work best in your space while still focusing on the aesthetics.

3. What timeline are they working with?

Professionals who are in construction and renovation fields will tell you that good work takes time. Don’t expect an architect to come in and complete your project in two weeks. The average renovation can take several weeks due to multiple factors. Materials need to be ordered and delivered. Electricians and plumbers need time to complete their specialties, and with their work schedules always hectic, unfortunately, you are at their mercy of when they can come in to complete your job. Additionally, certain permits from your town may need to be ascertained before a job can begin, so keep that in mind when building a timeline. Make sure that you are prepared for several weeks of work, and don’t go into a meeting with an architect with unrealistic expectations.

4. Do they fully understand your lifestyle and what you want?

In order to create a space that works best for you, an architect needs to understand your lifestyle and what you want out of your space. This means that communication is key to getting a professional to understand your sensibilities. Good architects will listen to client desires and non-negotiable items and do their best to incorporate those features. However, if for some reason an architect cannot include something, they should communicate that issue with you to see if there are any alternatives you would be interested in researching.

5. Who will you be dealing with on a daily basis? One specific architect or someone from their firm?

Depending on the architect, you may or may not be directly working with them on your project. For the initial discussion of the project and your needs, a specific architect should be communicating and meeting with you directly. Once you move into the renovation and construction stage, they might hand the project over to another associate from their firm. Sometimes this can throw people off if they expected to work with a specific person throughout the project only to find out that another professional has stepped in. So, if you want to work with one professional, make it known during the initial stages that you want them available for the duration of your project.

Renovations can be stressful, but with the right professional, it can make everything run smoothly. Have candid conversations with the professionals you plan on utilizing for your renovation, and the outcome will be exactly what you desire. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your next renovation, contact us today!