5 Tips for Getting Your Home “Guest Ready” Before the HolidaysGetting your home ready for the holidays isn’t as difficult as you may think. Follow these simple tips and your home will be “guest ready” before this holiday season kicks off. You’ll be able to sit back and relax and wait for the holidays with excitement rather than worry. You and your guests will have a fun, festive, and wonderful time.

Clear your entrance

During the year, your entrance is prone to become cluttered and unorganized. To get it ready for the holiday season, pretend you are a guest entering your home. Make mental notes of things that might be making your entrance smaller than it really is. Also, pay close attention to anything that doesn’t make you feel warm and welcome. Then, re-create your entrance according to what you think will work best. If you want, decorations can be added to your door and entrance way for the ultimate holiday effect. Taking these necessary steps will ensure your guests enter your home on a great note.

Prepare your kitchen and dining room

Your kitchen and dining room are where your guests will be spending the majority of their time. You should make sure that both are in great shape. Of course, that means cleaning and organizing. It also means arranging furniture and seats so your guests have enough space to comfortably sit, visit, and eat. Pay careful attention to your kitchen, because even though you might not want it to be where your guests hang out, they inevitably will wind up spending time there. If you prepare your home properly and find that you still don’t have enough room, it might be time to consider a minor renovation for next holiday season.

Prepare the guest bedroom

Preparing your guest bedroom is super important. You want to make sure your guests always get a good night sleep so they can have a pleasant visit. Make sure linens, sheets, comforters, pillows, and towels are neat and in place. Also, make sure you have soaps and all other toiletries in your guest bathroom. This type of preparation will ensure your guests have nothing to worry about. If you need to rearrange or add furniture so your guests are completely comfortable, go ahead and do so. The extra effort will be appreciated.

Paint the walls

If you have the time and money, adding a fresh coat of paint to your walls that need it is a great idea. It will make your house look bright and new. Your guests will be impressed without knowing why. Of course, you want to choose a color that doesn’t stand out too much or is too glaring. Typically, neutral colors work really well.


Holiday decorations are amazing if you pick the right ones and don’t overdo it. Take the time to go shopping and think about things that will perfectly match the rest of your home. If you plan it correctly, you can purchase decorations that will last for many years. Some great decorations include wreaths, small trees, garland, and lights. A tastefully decorated home is one that visitors are sure to love.

Putting it together

You can use any, all, or any combination of the tips mentioned to be completely prepared for your guests this holiday season. If your home isn’t in tip-top shape or you are thinking about a renovation or addition, please don’t hesitate to contact Prime Draft Architecture. One of our experts will be happy to sit down with you and discuss all your options.

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