6 ways to overcome the home addition bluesThere are strangers walking through your house at all hours of the day. They leave the front and back door open and leave their music playing in random rooms of your house. You wake up to incessant banging every morning. Your furniture is covered in saw dust. It’s been days since you walked on anything but sub-floor. You have no water in the kitchen and must go to the laundromat to clean your clothes. Is it the worst extended house party ever? No. It’s a home addition.

With limited access to parts of your house and strangers tearing open parts of your home you’ve never even seen before, home additions can be stressful. This is doubly true if members of your household are very young or elderly, because home additions can disrupt your regular routine. To help you through this trying time, we’re posting these 6 suggestions so you can make the most of your home addition experience. Following these tips will help ensure that your home addition experience is memorable and interesting.

Make a Photo Timeline

Take pictures of the entire addition process and post the photos on a bulletin board in a protected area while the addition is taking place. Documenting your home’s transition from old to new not only gives you an interesting project to work on while your home is being torn apart, but it also serves as a reminder that progress is being made. This way, when you start to feel like your home addition is going nowhere fast, you can simply turn to the photo timeline and see all the changes that your home has been through so far.

Camp in the Yard

Is your home temporarily uninhabitable? Make a game of it by camping in your back yard. Grill food on the patio. Roast s’mores in the fire pit. Sing songs under the stars, and sleep in your sleeping bag. Participating in this fun activity will give you a chance to enjoy extra fresh air outside your house, and also make you forever grateful when you’re finally able to sleep back in your own bed.

Leave Town

By far, the most relaxing way to get through your home addition is to skip town altogether. Take your family and head to your favorite island destination. While your home goes through a total transformation, you’ll be soaking up the sun and drinking margaritas. By the time you get back, the work should be done and you’ll be much more relaxed than if you had stayed in your house.

Send the Kids to Camp

Children can get into trouble around construction sites. Even if you don’t plan to personally Get Out of Dodge during the renovation, give yourself a break from parenthood while the renovation is taking place. Send the kids to an overnight camp to lower your stress levels.

Go to the Spa

With all that banging going on in your house, it’ll be no surprise if you get a headache and your muscles become tense. Let go of all that tension with a trip to the day spa., then come home feeling relaxed and rejuvenated.

Be Prepared

Remain in regular communication with your contractor and architect throughout the home addition process. Ask for a timeline up front so you’ll know on which days the water or electricity will be shut off. This way you can be prepared–maybe by making plans to eat at a restaurant or going to visit family. Knowing which days the home addition will be most disruptive can help you avoid your home and will help to ensure that your home addition process is a smooth one.

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