A new way to think about garage conversionsAn unused garage just eats up space that could be used for something else, so many people decide to turn these open areas into full-fledged rooms. The new room is often used as a bedroom, but what if you don’t need another sleeping space? In that case, the doors are open to a huge variety of creative and cool options. Here are some great conversion ideas to consider:

Make the Ultimate Hobby Room

Even if your hobby isn’t all that rare, you can obtain amazing results when you have a room purpose-built for its pursuit. A sewing room or art studio, for example, will be the envy of the club when you outfit it with plentiful skylights for daytime lighting and full-spectrum fluorescent strips for working after dark. Those who have always wanted to be able to grow plants all year will want to take the lighting even further and turn an entire section of roof and wall into glass.

It’s easy to maximize the enjoyment of other hobbies with a dedicated room, too. Tear out all of the tool shelves and replace them with wine racks and add a good temperature control system for the perfect above-ground wine “cellar.” If you’re a fitness buff, turn the garage into a real gym. Install the track of your dreams if you’re a model train buff – you’ll finally have room to construct the model town that should go with the train!

Take Recreation to the Maximum Level

A typical recreation room might have a big TV and a table game, and while these spaces are fun, there’s nothing special about them. If you love movies, try setting up your garage to replicate the old drive-in experience. Mount the screen up high, and use an old bench car seat as your sitting area. To get the effect of being outdoors, just open the garage door.

Indoor pools are luxury items that most people wouldn’t think of having inside of a regular house because there isn’t enough room. Converting the garage into your swimming area takes care of that problem, and best of all, you don’t even have to expand the house to do it. The size of the pool will be limited by the size of the garage, but if you have a two or three car space, you’ll have enough room to enjoy getting into the water.

Dedicated game rooms are always popular, and putting them in the garage allows for a level of customization that’s hard to get in the living areas of a home. Paint the walls black and install strip lighting in nightclub-like colors for the perfect arcade environment. Since arcade and other video games are best played in the dark for maximum screen visibility, this will create the gaming environment of your dreams.

If you like a different type of games, such as pool or Foosball, you’ll want a light environment so that you can see exactly what you’re doing. Paint the walls a light color and use full-spectrum fluorescent tubing so you’ll never miss a shot. Bring in some bar-themed accessories to complete the effect.

What Does it Take to Make a Dream Conversion Into a Reality?

Some conversions only require a new coat of paint and some enhanced lighting. Others, like the change to a swimming pool room or a greenhouse, need major structural changes and should be done with the help of an architect. Most fall somewhere in the middle, with a few structural alterations and several cosmetic enhancements. Whichever one you choose, you can be sure that converting a garage can be just what’s needed to turn your house into an amazing place to be.


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