home buildingLooking back at 2019 and years prior, we are tremendously thankful for all of the excellent general contractors and building companies with whom we have had the honour to collaborate on projects.  Without the experience of these professionals, our projects wouldn’t become a reality for our clients; clients for whom we are agents. And our business would have a short life.

Architects know very well drawings are not crystal balls that prophesize the future perfectly. To endeavour that they do is simply unrealistic. They are called plans for a reason; they represent what our clients would like to achieve, what the architect would like to design, what building codes are applicable to the project to keep everyone safe and are meant as a graphic collection of instructions to be tested and realized during the construction process. By nature, it is not plausible to execute a set of drawings 100% to a tee, as drawn, by a builder or anyone. The process of construction translates a drawn concept to reality; there will be instances that need to be readdressed by all parties involved in the project.  If all parties involved are on board with that process a happy environment and successful project will ensue.

Great builders have a ton of experience with how buildings and houses are put together. They continually expand their knowledge with the latest building techniques and available materials. During the course of building a specific project, they can identify information that is missing and, in many cases, know an alternative way to build a certain element. This is especially the case with architect’s drawings that were expedited in production for a variety of reasons; usually, because of the need to accommodate the client’s schedule or due to the professional fees they agreed to pay, leading to more instances of abbreviated information or details; though, not compromising safety of construction.

The best builders identify any additionally needed information and know to bring it immediately to the attention of the architect to provide an answer.  The architect’s answer is provided by certified sketch, letter or combination of both, whether the subject is about structural loads, roof eave details, window units, or any of the hundreds of areas from foundation to rooftop.

The design and building process is an on-going dialogue between architect and builder.  We rely on the relationships we have with builders so that a successful project can be realized and for our mutual clients to be happy. Similarly, builders rely on architects to be the ‘first responders’, main resource and professional expert in providing supplementary information, details, and sketches, so that nothing is left to assumption or answered from an unrelated source.

Thank you to all of our great GC’s and Builders! Couldn’t do it without you!

Looking forward to a great 2020 together.


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