Architects in NJ are Ready to Give You the Space You Need - On Trend and On Budget

photography by Lisa Russman

So, you’re ready to remodel your home. You have some ideas about what you want but aren’t sure where to start. Deciding to work with one of many residential New Jersey architecture firms is an essential first step in getting the home you need that matches your style as well as your budget. And when you choose to work with NJ architects, you are entering into a significant relationship. So, it should be with people you feel like you can work with and trust throughout your home renovation project. 

Which New Jersey architecture firm is the right choice for you? Who is going to be able to design a home that will give your family the space as well as the joy you deserve? The decision may seem difficult given the many excellent choices, but here are some simple steps to help you decide the right NJ residential architect for you. 

Narrow the Field
Online research can help you narrow down your choices significantly. Start by looking at firms’ online portfolios. How does this architect design for the needs, mess, and fullness of family life? What details do you notice that indicate they are in tune with their clients’ daily needs? Don’t see anything that feels like “home” to you? That means they are probably not the right architect for your project. Getting to know an architect’s design aesthetic starts with their portfolio, so spending time here is a great first step.

Ask Around
Getting referrals helps a great deal in choosing the right residential architect. Ask friends and contacts on social media for recommendations. When you see a house you really love, ask who designed it. Check online review sites to see what others have to say about those on your short list. 

If you have a few firms you are considering, ask each architect if you can speak to past clients. Be sure to inquire not only about their satisfaction with the finished product but about the process of working with the firm. Did they feel heard? Was the process collaborative? Were their timelines and budget honored? How was communication throughout the build? 

Meet with Your Top Choices
It is crucial that you meet with any potential architects before making a final decision. You want someone who believes in partnership and will delve deep into your needs to create a house defined by you. If you can’t work together, there is no point in hiring them. Meeting face-to-face is the best way to tell if you will be able to collaborate with someone and if they can create a space where everyone can enjoy one another.

This person will be helping your family bring your vision into reality, so it is absolutely worth the time to meet with them and ensure the relationship will be what you want. Once you have narrowed your options to a few, you still have to consider logistics. Are they available when you would like to complete your renovation? Does their fee match your budget? These are important details that should not be overlooked, as they can lead to serious problems down the road. 

Make Your Decision
After meeting with your top choices, you are ready to take the plunge. Ask yourself which firm was most passionate about their work while also being thoughtful about its practicality, use of space, and details. When talking about their designs, who discussed the rhythms and flow of those who occupied that space? Who asked you the most questions? These can help guide your choice for creating a home that evolves and grows with your family.

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