Are you ready for a bonus room? Here's why you should beBonus rooms are great opportunities to expand your home’s square footage and add valuable space for every member of your family. If you’ve been considering adding a bonus room onto your house, here are a few reasons why you should get started on your plan.

Space for Everyone

A bonus room can be used for just about anything. It can provide extra recreational space for family members. It can be used for entertaining, and it can house specific areas if the space is large enough. For instance, a large bonus room could house an area for sitting and watching TV. It could have a designated bar area for entertaining, and some of the space can be used for a small home gym or a quiet reading and homework area.

Eliminate the Need to Move

When most couples buy a home, they purchase what is considered a starter home. These are affordable homes with low square footage. As the family grows either through the addition of children or having to take care of elderly parents, the homeowner may find themselves in need of a larger home. Instead of moving, homeowners should consider adding on to their existing space. Adding a 400 or 500 square foot addition is cheaper and more convenient than selling the existing home, purchasing a new home and moving.

More Natural Light

Many older homes have smaller windows that do not add much in the way of natural light. A home addition can be built with large windows and skylights, which can decrease the need for electric lights in the addition and in any rooms that are connected to the addition.

Luxurious Amenities

Depending on your budget, you can add certain luxurious amenities, including custom light fixtures, hardwood floors or plush carpet, built-in bookshelves and a fireplace. In other words, adding a home addition allows you to customize the space according to your specific tastes and add the amenities that you’ve always wanted in your home.

Augment the Building Costs with a Rentable Bedroom and Bathroom

A large home addition could easily accommodate an extra bedroom with an attached bathroom. This not only adds value by increasing the number of bedrooms and bathrooms in your home, it can also provide a source of income if the room is rented out to a college student or young adult. If renting doesn’t appeal to you, the room could also be used as a guest bedroom and bathroom for when friends and family visit from out of town.

Increased Home Value

Increased square footage often translates into added resale value. It is estimated that every 1,000 square feet that is added onto a home translates into an additional 4 percent in resale value. The number only goes up if the addition contains a bathroom or bedroom.

Add Curb Appeal

Adding a bonus room can add curb appeal to your home if you opt to replace the siding and other exterior features of the rest of the home when you add your bonus room. This not only freshens up the exterior, but it ensures that all of the siding matches. Additionally, you can opt to put in some landscaping around the addition and in other parts of the yard.

Get Started Today

To get started on your home addition today, consider hiring an architect. Architects can look at your existing home and help you seamlessly integrate your new addition so that it looks like a part of the existing structure. Architects also provide initial drawings and schematics. When the idea is finalized, the architect then draws up a set of blueprints that can be used by your preferred construction company.


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