Creating a floor plan for a smaller sized room isn’t just about saving space. You still want the room to be aesthetically pleasing and have a good homey feel without being cramped. This is where a good floor plan comes into play—a plan that will allow for a well-organized expanse where space is maximized and utilized instead of just being wasted. Here are some small floor plan ideas and design techniques to make the most out of a small bedroom space.

Say goodbye to bulky or large furniture pieces
If your bedroom is narrow or offers limited walking room, you will probably have to rethink using large furniture pieces. Unfortunately, that means no king-size bed or wardrobe pieces. If having a king-size bed is a must, be prepared to make sacrifices in terms of other furniture in the room.

Dressers should be thin and not bulky to conserve walking space, but still offer a fair amount of storage space. In essence, all furniture should be relatively normal in size with no additional lines or wasted space. Bed frames have a habit of adding bulk to a regular sized bed, so try to pick something with clean lines that doesn’t stick out and take up space you don’t have.

Neutral or light colors
While this tip isn’t about the floor plan, it can directly impact how small your space feels. In a small space you’ll want to keep things light and airy, which is where light or neutral colors come into play. Dark colors can make a room feel even smaller and cramped than it really is. Lighter and more neutral colors will bring additional light into a space and make it feel larger. While many people forget, paint color has a significant impact on how you feel in a space. Try to lighten things up with paint color and other décor, so your bedroom feels light and open, even if it isn’t.

Dual-purpose furniture
For smaller spaces, you want to think of ways that make the space feel a little bigger without sacrificing function. Furniture that serves dual purposes are great space savers because it eliminates the need for additional pieces. Murphy beds, trundle beds, or even daybeds are a great way to save space while still offering additional options. A Murphy bed can fold away, leaving tons of space for activities if the room serves another purpose. Bed frames that have under-the-bed storage are great space savers. Instead of having a dresser, you could utilize the drawers beneath your bed for clothes or blankets. Additionally, if your bed frame incorporates shelving along the sides or above the headboard, it could save the need for side tables, which definitely opens things up.

Floating or open shelving
A great space-saving tip is the utilization of floating or open shelving. Not only will this get furniture off the floor, it allows for more light to penetrate various areas of the room without closing off sections to light. Floating shelving is great for holding trinkets, linens, jewelry, and mementos. Floating shelving for nightstands is a super space saver that allows you to still have table lamps and a place for your alarm clock without limiting space on either side of your bed.

Depending on whether the room you are furnishing is a master bedroom or guestroom you can create countless designs that fit with your room function. Sometimes less is more, especially when it comes to smaller spaces. Try to keep the room feeling light and open without too much clutter by optimizing unique storage opportunities and being as organized as possible. 

Here are a few more small bedroom floor-plan ideas that will keep you organized and guarantee maximum storage:

  1. A closet
    Your closet is your most valuable storage space. One of the mistakes homebuilders make is thinking that “bigger is better.” Actually, the way to effectively maximize storage is to create a closet that is able to efficiently store your belongings, including but not limited to clothes, shoes, suitcases, bags, purses, jewelry, blankets, and towels. If you have a good idea of everything you want to put in your closet, you can create a closet that perfectly meets your needs. Your architect can incorporate a perfectly sized closet into your bedroom plan. They can also show you similar closets that have worked well for other clients. This is an invaluable resource that will help you know exactly what your finished product will look like.
  2. A wardrobe wall
    A wardrobe wall is a new option that is quickly becoming very popular. It gives a bedroom a modern look and affords maximum storage. A wardrobe wall can be thought of as a dresser inside your wall. It can be used to store anything you want. Many different drawer options allow you to customize the look of your wardrobe wall. You can make it stand out by painting it a different color and adding drawers with interesting designs. Or, you can make it blend in by painting it the same color as your wall and adding slim drawers. In this regard, a wardrobe wall can be one of the unique features of your home.
  3. A TV wall
    When done properly, hanging your TV on your wall can look really cool and save you valuable space. It can also help you relax and be completely comfortable when watching TV and movies. It’s very important that you take the size of your TV into account when you’re creating your bedroom plans—or taking into account the size of your bedroom when buying a new TV. Not doing so can cause you to lose space. Your architect will be able to help you determine how big each of your walls should be and where you should place your television.
  4. A bed with storage
    As mentioned above, a bed with storage underneath is great. It helps you stay neat and organized and gets the most out of your bedroom space. What needs to be accounted for when creating your bedroom plans is the size of your bed. Once your architect knows how big of a bed you’ll want in your room, the room can be perfectly designed to meet all of your needs.
  5. Accessories
    Accessories that you’ll be using to help with storage need to be taken into account when creating your plans. Accessories like hanging shoe racks or hanging shelves can change the way your plans are made. The best thing you can do is let your architect know exactly what accessories you want to use.

Whether you’re working with an existing bedroom floor-plan and need to maximize the space you have or if you’re planning a new build or bedroom addition, it’s important to think through how you can best utilize every inch. Working with an experienced architect can help make sure you get the most out of your bedroom floor-plan in a small or large space. Contact us today if you have any questions or would like to discuss your next project.

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