Confused and Overwhelmed by Interior Design Trends? How to Pick the Best Style for You

Photography by Lisa Russman

Deciding on a style for your new home or remodeling project can be overwhelming, but if you want to really love the final result, it is vital that you are clear about what you want before the design process begins. Internet quizzes abound on residential interior design trends that are meant to help you identify if you are more “Scandi” or “Boho,” but what does that actually mean for your home? 

Focusing on interior design trends can give you ideas and inspiration, but if you want to pick the best style for your interior design updates, then you need to ask yourself a few simple questions. Find the right look for your new home interior design with these tips. 

Do You Lean Towards the Past or Present?
Look at your wardrobe, your taste in cars, and the art and books you gravitate toward. If you tend toward the past, appreciate vintage or retro clothes, or enjoy historical fiction or classical art, then you may want to investigate designs that favor traditional, French country, or mid-century styles that are reminiscent of times gone by. 

If, however, you tend toward straight lines, minimalist sensibilities, or modern and contemporary forms of expression, then you may prefer design trends like those in Scandinavian, or industrial design styles. 

Is Your Life Full of Color or Based on a Neutral Palette?
Again, look at your closet. Do you love to wear things that are bright and colorful? Or are your clothes primarily dark or neutral hues with a dash of color here and there? These give you additional clues about what you would prefer in your home. While any design can be monochromatic or brightly-hued, those that lend themselves to more colorful choices include eclectic, contemporary, and Boho styles.

Are You More at Home in the City or Country?
Where your heart feels most comfortable will help you decide your style. Country living is epitomized by more rustic, coastal, or French country designs while the minimalist, Scandinavian, and Hollywood glam styles popular today embody city living. 

What Suits Your Family?
More important than any other question is, what do you need to live and be happy? While you may adore crisp lines (i.e., sharp corners) and sleek surfaces, that does not always work with several small children who enjoy leaving sticky fingerprints; furthermore, those sharp corners are anything but child-proof. Your heart may be dying for an all-white living room, but your three black cats have other ideas. While style is essential, so is honoring the reality of your life. 

Finding your style is often about choosing from several design traditions to create an eclectic or transitional look that suits you and your family’s needs. Combining styles allows you to select pieces and touches that help you feel at home while also remaining practical and creating a space that you can use, not just one that looks good. After all, a family should define the house, not the other way around.

Picking the best style for you starts with identifying your most essential needs as well as those aesthetics that speak most strongly to you. When working with a residential architect and interior designer, communicate these things thoroughly and allow them to help you create something beautiful as well as functional. Interior design does not have to oppose practicality, and working with professionals can help you create a home where everyone feels comfortable and joyful. 

Homes should be a reflection of who you are as a family. Getting in touch with your style means trusting your intuition and staying true to yourself.

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