How to Decide on the Best Room Addition for Your HomeAfter living in your home for a few years, you might feel the need for a little more space. Perhaps your family is rapidly growing, you recently accepted a home-based position, or maybe guests are just in dire need of better sleeping conditions. Whatever the reason, building an extra room could make things a lot easier while being considerably cheaper than moving. However, you’ll have some decisions to make before you choose the best way to add on.

You have two choices as far as adding structure to your house: Build up or build out. The first is great for when a home sits on a small lot close to the property line. There’s no other choice but to add another story to the house. This involves heavy planning with an architect and builder to make sure the foundation can hold it all. Adding a second story would also mean you would have to relocate temporarily during the process. The upside is that your yard will be mostly untouched, you may not need to worry about zoning restrictions and you’ll have a beautiful property that fits your needs.

If you live on a larger property, building out might be the better option. A new foundation will have to be laid out, resulting in a smaller lawn and perhaps a new zoning variance from your town. The good news is that because this kind of addition is “separate” from the existing structure, it won’t completely disrupt your life. You can continue to live in the house throughout the process and watch as your dream home unfolds.

Some popular room-addition options

  • Bedroom
  • Master suite
  • Sunroom
  • Bathroom
  • Kitchen

Room-addition considerations

Deciding on the right addition can be tough. However, there are some important factors you should think about:

  • Know your property lines. Find how far your property goes, and draw up a rough sketch of what’s available to you. It’s important because some zoning laws prohibit the proximity of houses to each other and other landmarks. This will affect your decision of building up or building out.
  • Budget.Room additions can range anywhere from $24,897 to $42,357. Some might be a lot less and some might be a lot more. It’s important to understand that new construction is a big undertaking and corners shouldn’t be cut to save a quick buck. Once you have your estimate from a designer, you should add in 10% as a contingency for any mishaps. Remember, knowing how much you have to spend to begin with will shape your decisions throughout construction.
  • Updating your home. Do you want a seamless transition between the new room and the old? Having matching paint and flooring throughout the house is aesthetically pleasing while also creating a smooth traffic flow. You can hire a designer who knows just what you need to make sure everything works beautifully between new and old.
  • Not updating your home. If you don’t want to update or it’s not in the budget, try to match the new flooring and wall paint to the old.

Once you understand your goals and what your dream house should look like, everything else will come into place. Home offices, baby rooms, guest rooms, sunrooms, master suites, kitchens, game rooms, and bathrooms are just some of the possibilities. Take your time when deciding on the best room addition for your house. After all, once the process is complete, you’ll have a bigger, beautiful home that your family can enjoy for years to come.

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