Design A Guest Suite Perfect For Your Holiday VisitorsThe holidays are a time when we are surrounded with family sharing in fun and festive days. This usually means that people are traveling, sometimes great distances, to be together. For those relatives making the trek, it’s important that they have a nice place to stay while they visit. If you make a room homey, they might never want to leave. Which, can either be a good or a bad thing depending on the relative.

During the other months of the year, guestrooms can be a hodgepodge of different things from offices to storage rooms. Unless you are someone who frequently entertains with overnight guests, your guest room is probably just a free-for-all the rest of the year. So when it comes time to spruce up the room or rooms for the holidays, it might take a little bit of ingenuity and design sense to get things going.

Fresh sheets

Ensuring that your guests receive fresh bedding should be a host/hostess no-brainer, but some people forget. Especially if the guest room doesn’t get a lot of use. Your sheets may be clean because no one has slept in the bed, but they may not be fresh. So give them a quick tumble in the wash to remove any dust bunnies and fill the bedding with a freshly washed scent.

Be sure to include plenty of pillows and even have extra blankets on hand. Everyone has specific sleeping preferences, so some people might get hot when they sleep, and others might like extra blankets to curl under.

Provide essentials

As the host/hostess, it is your job to ensure that your guests have everything they need during their stay. Every person is different, but essentials remain the same. Provide your guests with towels, travel-sized toiletries, and maybe even a robe if you want their stay to feel extra luxurious. This would also be the time to break out those mini hotel shampoos, conditioners, and bar soaps we have all swiped in our travels.

If your guests don’t have a private bathroom, be sure to offer products for their use. No one expects to be waited on hand and foot, but it will be nice for your guests not to have to hound you every second they need something.

Relaxing and homey atmosphere

If your guest room is a good size and can house additional furniture, try adding a small desk or a set of chairs. This will give your guests additional space to relax and feel comfortable in the space. If you can, make sure to outfit the room with all the homey essentials your guests might need such as alarm clocks, writing implements, and available outlets for them to charge any electronics. You want to provide all the comforts of being home while they stay in your house.

Young guests

Holidays bring about many young guests, so guest rooms might need to house more than one person. If you know you have several children coming to stay, make a space that is just for them. Bunk beds or sleeping arrangements that provide a fun atmosphere will score you extra points with the kiddos.

Create extra simple storage for any toys younger guests bring along to make them feel at home. Take the extra step and provide a stuffed animal or fuzzy blanket for nights away from home.


If your guest room serves an additional function such as an office or craft space, remember to organize, clean, and de-clutter the area. Guests don’t want to be tripping over yarn or see the little flashing light of your printer during their entire stay. Additionally, they don’t want to feel like they are in the way of your day-to-day life. Keep things clean and maybe take a break from crafts for the duration of their stay or find another place to house your work until they depart.

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