don't fail because you didn't plan out your home additionAre you thinking of adding onto your home?  Performing a home addition is a great way to add value and space while increasing the value of your house, but the renovation should be performed only after careful thought and planning.  Otherwise, you could end up with a finished project that doesn’t flow with your current floor plan or meet your needs. Planning Your Home Addition Project Planning a successful home addition project requires the help of experienced professionals.  Many homeowners might be tempted to plan and perform their project themselves.  Unfortunately, building a new room or moving walls requires a lot of skill and experience that most homeowners do not have.  In addition, builders, contractors and architects can ensure all building codes are met and get the required permits. Determine the Type of Addition and Gather Ideas Do you need a master bedroom suite, family room, extra bathroom or bigger kitchen?  Determine the addition that would best meet the needs of your family.  Then, think about the features you would like in your new room.  If you’re planning a new family room, would you prefer a custom entertainment center and built in speakers or high-quality furniture?  What type of flooring would you prefer?  Once you determine the features you would like in your new addition, search the Internet and home design magazines for stylish and practical ideas. Calculate Your Budget Before you get too far into the process of planning your home addition, calculate your budget. Determine if you are going to pay for the addition in cash or with a loan.  If you are going to pay for your addition out of your own pocket, determine how much of your savings you are willing to spend.  If you plan to pay with a loan, determine how much of a monthly payment you can afford and get your preapproval early.  The sooner you have an accurate budget, the sooner you can move forward with your plans. Needs Versus Desires Once you have all your ideas, determine what you need versus what you want.  If you’re planning on a master bathroom addition, do you really need a Jacuzzi tub or will a garden tub meet your needs?  If you absolutely have to have the Jacuzzi tub, you may be able to save money on other features.  For example, you could choose a simpler shower or less expensive fixtures. Hire an Architect Consider hiring an architect.  Architects can look at your current house and the location where you want your addition and create designs that match the exterior as well as the interior, and they can make sure the addition works with the current traffic flow of your existing spaces.  An experienced architect will listen to all your ideas, wants and desires and create schematics that incorporate as many of your wants as possible while still staying within your budget.  Architects can also help you choose a contractor to build your addition.  Many have industry contacts and know general contractors that can perform the work according to the blueprints. Hire a Builder If you choose to go with your own building professional, make sure to do your research.  Check out all your potential builders on your local Better Business Bureau website.  Consider only those contractors that have A+ ratings.  You can also ask friends, family and coworkers for recommendations. Plan for the Construction Construction is dusty, dirty and disruptive to normal home life.  Find out the start and end dates from your contractor and determine how you will cope with the chaos.  Many homeowners choose to take vacations during the bulk of the work.  Others live in their home while the construction is occurring or stay in nearby hotels so that they are still close to their homes and can answer questions and monitor the progress.

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