Don't let fear hold you back from adding on to your ranch house

When it comes to architecture, you can’t get anymore American than the ranch house.  Establishing itself as the backbone of suburban neighborhoods, ranch houses became extremely popular during the post-World War 2 baby boom.  If your ranch home was built before 1964, it might be considered historic, and this is all the more reason to restore it to its original glory.  One of the best things about ranch homes is that they can be remodeled very easily, allowing you to alter the layout so that it matches your lifestyle.  If you have found fear holding you back from adding onto or remodeling your ranch home, make sure to remember these five reasons to put your fear on the back burner.  Now more than ever is the time to add onto your ranch home!

1) There’s so much room

The average ranch-style home is between 1,108 and 1,500 square feet.  This means there is plenty of room for at least three bedrooms, one and half baths, a kitchen, living room and even a separate utility room.  Keeping this in mind, think about the current layout of your ranch house.  Does it have three bedrooms?  If not, you should consider changing up the layout or adding on the extra bedroom.  Having three bedrooms is ideal for families with two to four children.  And even if your children no longer live at home, you can use the rooms as guests rooms for when they come and visit.

2) You’re going to love your ranch-style home in a few years

If you don’t already love your ranch home, you can rest assured you will in a few years.  These homes are typically one-level, making them extra-friendly as you get older.  With this is mind, you won’t have to worry about going up and down steps each day to do the laundry.  In fact, everything you need will be on one floor.  Whether it be an office, extra bedroom, entertainment room or even a larger utility room, adding onto your ranch home is a smart move because this home will be a great place to spend your retirement years.

3) They are easy to add on to

Homes built a hundred years ago were often built of materials that are not commonly used to build homes today.  Ranch-style homes, however, were, meaning they are very easy to add onto.  Whether it be adding on a vinyl sunroom or two bedrooms with brick and stone on the exterior, you can achieve just about any look you’re going for when adding onto a ranch home.  If your ranch home has brick, stone or paneling on the inside, these outdated materials can easily be updated with a coat of paint.

4) They blend easily with nature

Because many ranch homes are built on slabs, this makes them especially conducive to creating an indoor-outdoor living atmosphere.  By adding French doors or retractable sliders, you can easily blend the interior and exterior of your home.

5) Extremely simple to open up the inside

Most ranch homes are built on very few load-bearing walls, meaning you can easily change the layout inside of the home.  Ideally, you’ll want to leave your kitchen, bathrooms and utility room where they are because they already have access to the appropriate outlets and water lines.  However, by tearing down walls and moving them, you can easily open the floor plan within your home.  And just because you can’t move a bathroom doesn’t mean you can’t make it bigger.  A professional architect can provide you with several layout options according to your home’s exact floor plan.

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