When thinking about remodeling your basement, it’s easy to fantasize about a grown-up area of the house. How about a wine cellar, bar, or lounge? However, if you have growing children, grandchildren, or kids that come over frequently, consider a family-friendly basement instead.

Transforming your basement into a space for youngsters means containing both noise and play. You’d probably prefer children staying away from other parts of your home like the study, office, or bedrooms anyway. Besides, you can always turn the space into an exclusive adult area later on.

Large basements can also handle multiple activities at once. Before you design your remodel, consider everything you want to use it for. No need to choose between relaxation and fun if you don’t have to. You can have a space that offers a television, video gaming, reading, musical instruments, ping-pong, and more. There should be something for everyone.

Depending on your family’s needs, there are plenty of choices out there to create the go-to place in your home. Here’s a helpful list of remodel ideas to get you started:

If fun activities make your family happy, then turn your basement into a sports zone. These spaces present a great opportunity for air hockey, ping-pong, pool, foosball, and other competitive table sports. Encourage skills and teamwork through these fun games that the whole family can play.

If you like the idea of having both adult and child areas, simply divide your basement into zones. For instance, put aside a spot just for kids. Here there might be a carpet or different wall colors to show them where the fun begins. Have toys readily accessible and child-sized furniture. Then, you can have the adult area nearby filled with comfy sofas, a television, and fireplace. This dual-purpose basement make it easy for everyone to feel right at home.

Older children
If you have teenagers or young adults around, your family-friendly basement needs to reflect their more mature interests. Have a workstation for study, instruments, game consoles, and trendy furniture. Teenagers can have their own space that also invites others to join in on the fun.

Mega family room
If you’re looking to fill in a huge, open space, consider installing a media center complete with game consoles, fireplace, and television, encased by a large sectional. Or perhaps a home theater with a lot of cushions so everyone can be comfortable. You could also think about making your family room self-sufficient with its own bathroom, microwave, counter, and stove. That way, no one has to keep running upstairs for more popcorn during a movie. Plus, you can always turn this area into an in-law suite or guest bedroom if needed.Creating the perfect family-friendly basement requires planning and forethought. What types of activities do you want to see happen? Can your space handle them? Will it be easy to adjust the design if your family’s needs change in the future? An expert planner can guide you through these questions and more, creating a wonderful space that will be cherished for years to come.