Family Rooms We Love: How Interior Design Services Can Transform Your Great Room into the Best Room of Your House

Photography by Lisa Russman

While great rooms and open-concept design are not new in the world of residential architecture, interior architecture and design are embracing this part of the home like never before. Open-plan spaces are perfect for creating interaction and embracing connectivity, and interior design services are perfect for helping you transform yours from good to great. 

In modern custom homes, the great room is getting more attention and square footage than other parts of the house. Many homeowners are opting for smaller bedrooms, favoring the communal spaces that main rooms offer. Great rooms add warmth, versatility, and connectedness to your home in ways that individual living and dining rooms can’t.

Get Expert Advice
Interior services, like those offered by residential architects, can assist you and your family in creating the great room you have always wanted. Come together with friends and loved ones for family dinners, movie nights, homework sessions, and much more with multipurpose rooms that embrace the complexity and connectedness of your family’s lives. 

Using a residential architect to plan for your great room remodel will help you create a space that allows you to keep an eye on the little ones while you make dinner, and will transform into space your teens still want to hang out in as your family ages and grows. 

Think a Little Differently
Just a few decades ago, you wouldn’t dream of building a house without a dining room, but today, that notion no longer appeals to as many. When it comes to the perfect great room, the sky’s the limit when it comes to how to use space and what the room is capable of doing. A kitchen island doesn’t just have to be for food prep anymore. It can serve as a home office, breakfast bar, and craft area. Furniture that folds up or collapses down makes it easy to switch up how you use a particular part of your space, too. 

Strive for Multipurpose Pieces
When selecting furniture, opt for pieces that can serve more than one purpose or work in different parts of the room. Nesting tables can serve as homework stations after school and snack trays during family movie night. Wheeled oversized ottomans become extra seating or a coffee table, depending on the day.

Add in Cozy Bits
The danger with open-plan spaces is that they can feel too stark and unwelcoming if you are not careful. Here’s where interior design services really help! Your designer can help you carve out distinct areas within the larger space that can be used for specific purposes. Spots with lots of natural light would be perfect for some greenery, a cozy couch, and shelving for books. Voila! You have a library/study space that can also be used for storage or quiet time with one of your little ones. Finding ways to add comfort and purpose to your large, open space will give your great room usability and warmth. 

Keep it Unified with Design Elements
Using locally available residential design services, create a look that ties your great rooms many functions together. Ask your designer about how to use color, texture, flooring, lighting, and other design details to link the many different areas of your great room into a cohesive space. Because your family will be spending the most time in this part of your home, you want to make choices that will last, will transition well with you as you grow and change, and that match your family’s aesthetic. You can use consistent colors or materials, or you can choose accents that are present throughout the space that tie it all together.

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