For a Timeless Look, Here Are Our New Home Design Basics

photography by Lisa Russman

New home plans that are in balance with their environment while also being functional and straightforward will stand the test of time. Creating new home designs that not only meet your needs today but also well into the future, as your family grows, allows your home to grow and evolve with you.

Classic architectural details and clean lines never go out of fashion. If you look at homes designed several decades ago, those that still feel fresh and timeless include simple features and design choices that emphasize functionality and balance.

Select new house plan designs that are simple and straightforward. The personalization of your new home comes from focusing on one or two main focal points in each room and on the exterior. Selecting neutral colors for your overall palette means your house won’t feel dated in just a few years, and you can create interest and personality with the addition of bold accents in a few, well-selected locations.

You can customize the look of your brand new home design with a single focal point for each space. Depending on the room, that point could be a piece of furniture, an architectural detail, meaningful artwork, or an outstanding view. These focal points become easy to update over time, leaving the timeless backdrop untouched.

Clean, uncluttered spaces are also timeless in their usability. While function can change over time as your needs evolve, you want a home that can be lived in and used now and in the future without significant alteration. New home plans with open designs and spaces with multiple purposes can serve your family’s needs well into the coming decades, creating flexible areas of your home that evolve from homework space into a home office, from playroom into a teen hangout.

Functionality also means using materials that will stand up to years of use as new home designs should comfortably serve families for decades to come. Well-chosen materials ensure lasting beauty and usability.

Brand new home designs should strive for balance in all areas, including both within each space and also within the surrounding environment. The proportion of elements creates harmony, and a professional architect can help you achieve this. Use of natural light, indoor plants, and natural building materials create a balance between outdoor and indoor elements, making your home feel a part of the environment in which it sits. New house plan designs that incorporate windows, skylights, natural fabrics, hardwoods, stone, and other organic materials will still look and feel fashionable many years from now. You create functional, simple spaces when you opt for these design elements.

Balancing classic features along with trendier pieces also adds personal touches. The combination of vintage and modern elements allows for the recycling of used goods, the personalization of any space, and the creation of timeless rooms that reflect your passions and interests as they change.

Design choices that create a lower impact on the environment also reflect balance. Using less water, generating fewer waste products, and utilizing green technologies improve your home’s efficiency and increase its balance with nature.

Selecting the Right New Home Design
What matters most, though, is that whatever new home design you choose fits your lifestyle and makes you happy both today and twenty years from now. Have fun with the design process and make it your own. Using these guidelines, you and your architect can create a design for your home that will surely stand the test of time.

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