How To Get Your Husband To Say Yes To A Home Addition-pdNow that you’ve decided that an addition would be the perfect solution to your home-owning woes, it’s time to convince your husband to hop on board as well. This may prove to be tricky because additions can be costly, disruptive, and stressful. However, there are a few simple ways you can go about coaxing your spouse into finally saying “yes” and agreeing upon the benefits of new construction.

  • You’ll Get More Space The biggest complaint from homeowners is that their houses lack space. Just adding a few feet in the kitchen, dining room, or living room can offer a ton of possibilities in the way of storage or decorating. Even adding a home office, small gym, or entertainment room can do wonders for a home’s feng shui as well as your attitude while inside.
  • Cheaper Than Moving Since you have the strong argument of not having enough usable space, back it up by stating how moving is far more expensive than adding on. You should also remind your spouse that leaving the home would be far too difficult as it holds many strong memories of your life there. An addition would give your family the room to grow without moving away.
  • Family and Friends Adding an extra bedroom promotes the idea of having friends and family stay over more often. Maybe your spouse has old college friends or family members he’d like to spend more time with but never had the space. Having a guest bedroom would solve this problem while getting your husband excited about hosting events more often.
  • The Man Cave If you need specific room ideas, suggest adding on a “man cave.” This is where your husband can enjoy his big screen tv, wet bar, and recliner in peace. He can invite friends over to watch sports and be as loud as possible. Plus, you both can spend some time away from each other in the house doing your own things. It’s a win-win!
  • Added Value It’s no surprise that adding on to your home would not only increase usable space, but also would increase its value. Tell your husband that adding more square footage will add curb appeal while adding to the price tag when you are ready to sell. Larger, newer homes typically sell at higher prices so the investment is sure to pay off in the future. For example, adding a bathroom can increase a home’s value up to 20%! Not only that, but you can make money from an addition as well by renting out that extra in-law suite or bedroom. That extra room will pay for itself with the extra monthly income.

After you’ve successfully enticed your husband into calling an architect immediately, more hurdles will soon arise. Additions can be highly stressful experiences for couples due to their expense, disruptions, and an overall shift in the day-to-day. Just remember to constantly communicate with each other throughout the process. Knowing what you both are getting into remains half the battle so make sure to go over important decisions and details first. If the pressure and stress gets too overwhelming, you both should step away from the clutter for a time. Going out for dinner and a movie, or to see friends is an excellent way to unwind. By not bringing up the addition at all during this time allows you to focus on the things that make you happy. Home additions can turn your dream house into a reality while providing extra perks that a remodel or move can’t. These are less expensive than a complete move and can add more value to your home with more square footage. Promote the cost-effectiveness of an addition as well as its return on the future. Seeing the monetary value of adding-on will  persuade your husband to consider the current possibilities and those down the road.

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