Here is What We’re Seeing with Hot Trends in House Designs

photography by Lisa Russman

The home trends that most excite us these days are those that match our guiding principles behind custom house design. For us, space should be to bring families together, not separate them. And, you and your needs should define house designs and plans. Not all trends in house design are relevant for the typical family today, but we think these will appear in new and exciting ways in our clients’ homes in the coming few years.

Space for Work
Modern house designs must include spaces for work as, more than ever before, people are working as freelancers or telecommuting. There are actually two trends in one here that we love for families in need of workspace, one of which we’ll talk about below.

If your land and zoning allow for it, you might want to consider a backyard work shed. Detached workspaces are low-cost but efficient ways to create a dedicated room for concentrated work time. Garden sheds are getting an elevation in status as these multi-functional spaces can also serve as guest rooms or teen hangouts as your needs change. With a small footprint and efficient use of space, backyard getaways like these create purposeful space for those who need some separation to work productively.

Open Spaces with Flexible Uses
Our love for open, flexible-use areas stems from our understanding of how families use space to share and cohabitate. We love rooms that accommodate the chaos and discoveries of family life while also meeting the needs for entertaining, cooking, and working at home.

Powerful house designs use open spaces to create flow, allow for zones that meet different purposes and use visual details and organization of space to add interest and inspiration. We specialize in custom plans which reflect the way our clients work and live, and open spaces provide flexibility for the vibrant life that makes a house a home.

Having flexible space means you can work comfortably from home while also keeping an eye on the kids’ activities or monitoring the stove, and you can shift gears whenever you need. The added benefit of these flexible spaces is they can change and adapt with your family over time. Rather than having dedicated spaces for specific purposes, this design strategy means you can use your living space in whatever ways meet your family’s needs now and in the future.

Space for All Family Members
House designs should consider the needs of your entire family, which includes even the four-legged members. If your home contains a canine companion, then you will love this new design trend. Having a specific dog-washing space in your home is excellent for keeping the mud and grime your dog brings into your house at bay.

Incorporating a pet wash in your garage, mudroom, or other space is a simple detail that can control the chaos of cleaning your pet. These areas are also great for cleaning muddy boots or any of those messy jobs you don’t want to track through your house to the bathroom or laundry area.

Small Spaces
Just because you have a smaller budget does not mean you have to skimp on architectural design for your home. Smaller homes are becoming more families a more popular entry point into a housing market that is increasingly more expensive. The challenges we love about small spaces are the opportunities to get creative with solving problems for our clients. Not only must nearly all the areas be multi-use in smaller homes, but factors like energy efficiency, simplicity, and organization become even more crucial when we design your home.

Your home isn’t just a place to sleep and eat, it’s the epicenter of your life, and we’re always interested in ways to combine form and function to solve problems for modern families. What challenges can we help you solve?

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