how adding a second story can change your lifeYou’ve been dreaming about adding a second story for years. You can see it in your imagination. You picture it when you close your eyes. You know that if you made that addition to your home, your life would improve dramatically. You just know it. You’ve got your reasons for wanting it. Why it makes sense.

You’re not alone. Below we’ve posted some of the most common reasons why people just like you decide they need to take leap and upgrade their home.

Scenario 1: The In-Laws Move In

Your in-laws are getting on in years and they’re losing their eyesight as well as their hearing. They come to you with their plumbing problems, health problems and transportation problems. In the last decade, you’ve become their go-to taxi driver, therapist and maintenance worker. You love them, but you’re tired of taking hours of your life to drive them to doctor’s appointments, grocery stores, pharmacies and the mall.

It’s time to make a change. Adding a second story to your home will give your in-laws a place to live that’s all their own, but convenient for you. You’ll know they’re safe, healthy and well cared for, and you can rest assured knowing that you won’t spend the rest of your life rushing to their condo across town.

Scenario 2: Your Rebellious Teenager Becomes Your Tenant

Your rebellious teenager has been in a “black clothes and metal jewelry” phase for over two years now. You love him, but he never studies and his grades are failing. He doesn’t want to go to college. He doesn’t want to cut his hair or get a better job or talk politely at the dinner table. No. He wants to spend his life attending meet-and-greets for anarchists, and his major goal is to get his tongue pierced—again—sometime in the next 6 months.

You need to teach him some responsibility. That’s why you’re so excited about this second story addition. You’re going to give him his own space, charge him rent and teach him about the real world in a safe environment.

Scenario 3: You Get that Painting Studio and 2nd Floor Balcony You’ve Always Dreamed Of

You have exactly all the space you need to get by. You have enough bedrooms, enough bathrooms and a large enough kitchen. Your family is perfectly happy in your modest 1-story home. Your kids are deeply attached to the house, as is your spouse. …and really, you are too. The only problem? No painting studio. No 2nd floor balcony. No luxury.

This was supposed to be your starter house, but for better or worse, it’s become your permanent house. It’s become the house. The house you’ll never leave. The house where your children took their first steps, the house where you’ve celebrated years of Christmases and Thanksgivings and annual summer barbecues. It’s the house where you’re going to retire. Where you’ll be happy to stay. But there’s no painting studio. There’s no 2nd floor balcony. You dreamed about those things once. You still do.

It’s okay. You’re a can-do type. You have a problem, but you’re going to fix it. You’re going to add that second story balcony. You’re going to have your painting studio. You’ll have it all.

Scenario 4: You Get to Stay Exactly Where You Are

Your family has been growing steadily for the last several years, and now after the birth of the twins, you’ve got two extra children you never planned on having. You love them, of course. But there’s just no space.

The house you live in, while in the perfect neighborhood and the perfect school district and the perfect town, is two bedrooms and at least 1,500 square feet too small. Your home is full of noise and chaos. Sometimes the dog gets stressed and hides in the basement. But you don’t want to leave. You love your garden and your lush green lawn. You can’t imagine leaving your built-in cabinets and refinished hardwood floors. You love this house.

The addition of a second story is the perfect solution. You get to stay exactly where you are, and yet have the space you need for your family to grow, live happily and breathe easily.

Get Started Today

Which scenario fits you best? Are you the exasperated parent of a teenager? The harried parent of several little ones? Or maybe the in-law care-giver? Regardless of the circumstances, if you’re thinking about that second story addition, contact an experienced architect and get started on your design today.

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