How adding an en suite bathroom can save your sanityIf you’re tired of waiting in lines for your own bathroom, a private, en suite bathroom may be just what you need. Private en suite bathrooms offer comfort, luxury and a place to unwind and relax after a long day at work and running the kids around to their after school events.

Private Bathroom

En suite bathrooms are private bathrooms that are connected to your master bedroom. This means that you no longer have to exit your bedroom at night or in the morning to take care of nature’s call, bathe or get ready in the morning. You also do not have to have all of your personal items and soaps mixed in with your entire family’s preferred products. You can organize the bathroom to your exact specifications.

Designed for You

When you build an en suite bathroom onto your master bedroom, you can design every detail to ensure your bathroom is comfortable and functional, and you can choose all the fixtures that enter the bathroom. This means that you can add extra storage where you need it, like extra shelves and even a linen closet, and subtract things that you may find annoying in your master bath. For example, if your towel rods are located across the bathroom, you can make sure you have space to install them near the shower so that your bathroom floors stay dryer, and you’re not freezing while you walk from the shower to your towels.

Less Congestion

If you have multiple people living in your home, you are probably familiar with the lines that form during certain times of the day. Instead of queuing yourself at the main bathroom door, build an en suite bathroom. Since en suite bathrooms are attached to the master bedroom and do not typically have doors leading to other parts of the house, you are practically guaranteed that your children and guests will not use it. This means that your bathroom will always be available to you when you need it most.

Less Time to Get Ready in the Morning

An en suite bathroom means waking up in the morning, taking a shower and getting dressed at your leisure. If there are multiple people in your home who get up around the same time in the morning, you are probably familiar with waiting for the shower, waiting to put your makeup on or shave and waiting to style your hair in the morning. You’ve probably also encountered numerous mornings where there is no hot water, and you’re stuck taking a cold shower before a long work day. An en suite bathroom can make these hassles a thing of the past and help you save your sanity.

Time to Relax

An en suite bathroom can help you relax and lower your stress after the end of a hectic work day. Imagine getting home from work, walking into your bedroom, closing the door and entering your luxurious personal bathroom for a long, hot bath in your new jetted tub. The hot water and jets will help sooth your sore muscles and over-stimulated, stressed mind so that you can enjoy the rest of your evening with your family.

Added Home Value

Along with saving your sanity in the mornings and evenings, you can add value to your home by installing a master bathroom. Most couples and families today are looking to purchase homes that have at least two bathrooms, and they want that second bathroom to be attached to the master bedroom. For this reason, homeowners can expect to recoup as much as 50 percent of the cost of the bathroom installation when they sell their homes.

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