How important is an architect to your kitchen remodelOnce you decide to remodel your kitchen, you need to determine if you should hire an architect to assist you with your redesign. Keep in mind that even a plan that looks perfect on paper can be extremely difficult to build. An architect is trained in engineering, design theory and project management; architects have the knowledge necessary to solve complex design problems to ensure that a remodel is both esthetically pleasing and functional, which is why hiring an architect to help you create a feasible kitchen remodel plan is recommended.

8 Benefits of Hiring an Architect for Your Kitchen Remodel


1. Previous Remodels Allow Architects to Offer Homeowners Viable Suggestions

Experienced architects can reflect on their previous kitchen remodel projects to offer thoughts and suggestions to homeowners. These suggestions may include important details that the homeowner overlooked, e.g., electric outlet, light switch and telephone line placement.

2. An Architect Considers Each Step During the Remodeling Process

While the majority of homeowners focus on what the final result will be, an architect will envision the end result; however, unlike most homeowners, architects also consider the steps that are necessary to successfully complete a project.

3. A Kitchen Redesign Must Be Practical

Because each home is different, a kitchen redesign plan for one home may not be feasible for another. An experienced architect can help the homeowner create a kitchen design that is practical for his or her particular home.

4. Your Vision, Just Refined and Tweaked

These professionals are able to refine and tweak their clients’ initial visions through each step of their kitchen remodel project. Additionally, by utilizing a series of schematics, architects can ensure proper scaling.

5. When Planning Your Remodel, the Existing Structure Must Be Addressed

Builders need a professional design plan to follow during the remodeling project. In addition, the design plan a homeowner chooses must be achievable, in terms of the existing structure and their overall budget.

6. Experienced Architects can Offer Homeowners Connections to Reputable Contractors

Architects frequently have connections to qualified local contractors who specialize in the installation of systems like plumbing, heating and electricity. Furthermore, architects know about the new materials and products that are available, as well as any current design trends in residential kitchen remodels.

7. Familiarity With Kitchen Remodel Options

The majority of homeowners want assistance when they are making decisions about their options. An architect is familiar with a wide range of products and may be able to offer insight into the popularity, durability and price points of such products.

8. Environmentally Friendly Remodels

If you are interested in constructing an environmentally friendly kitchen, keep in mind that an architect considers sustainability during the design process itself, all the way through the construction process and beyond. Creating an efficient design now can save you a substantial amount of money in the long run. Whether you want to incorporate solar panels into your design or use recycled materials throughout your new kitchen, the majority of architects can help their clients obtain these kinds of materials.

Preparing for Your Kitchen Remodel

If you decide to hire an architect to help you with your kitchen remodel, take the time to write down what you would like to achieve. Make sure you prioritize, placing the mandatory changes at the top of your list. When complete, give this list and your budget information to your architect. Once your architect knows your budget, specifics about the materials and little extras you would like to incorporate into the remodel can be discussed.

It does not matter what type of remodeling project you are considering, a solid remodeling design is a crucial aspect of every remodeling project. By hiring an architect, you can ensure that your kitchen remodel is not only beautiful, but functional as well.


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