How Residential Interior Design Choices Can Give You the Family-Friendly Yet Stylish Home You Crave

Photography by Lisa Russman

Designing a home that meets the needs of your family does not mean that you have to sacrifice style or flair. The right residential interior designer can help create a custom home that combines family-friendly architecture with kid-friendly home design. If you want to create a space that can change directions and meet the evolving needs of your family, you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for function. You can have both. 

Thoughtful Design Brings Families Together
Choosing your interior design style should include creating spaces that are meant to foster togetherness and connectivity, not divide your family. Today’s residential architects can help you design a custom home that allows one parent to be helping with homework while the other prepares a meal nearby. Separate rooms are a thing of the past as modern families want to spend more time together. The right layout and interior design will help ensure that you don’t miss out on essential moments together as a family, and communal spaces and open-plan areas are perfect for achieving this goal. 

Design with Noise in Mind
Home design isn’t just about how things look. Sound is an important consideration, too. How will your home function when kids want to play video games, listen to music, talk with their friends, or watch tv? Are there flex spaces, where louder activities can occur, which can still be used for other purposes by the rest of the family? Can the home office during the day serve as a game room after hours? Is there space for a playroom that transitions to a hangout space when the kids get older? Keeping these things in mind will ensure that everyone has room to do their thing while others can still enjoy quiet moments. 

Always Include Storage
Kids have a lot of stuff. And if you don’t want your home to look like a war zone constantly, then you should adopt residential interior design styles that include places to store all those gadgets, games, books, and toys that come with having a family. Building storage into the room’s structure, in the beginning, means everything will have a place, which keeps your house looking great no matter the occasion. 

Pick Durable Materials
Some of the best, kid-friendly materials are also the most beautiful ones. For example, hardwood floors are the easiest to keep clean and maintain, plus they stand up to just about anything your kids can dish out. While carpet may be great when they are learning to crawl, that is only a short window in the long life of your house, so choose materials that are built to last and will look great even after four kids and three dogs have had their way with them. 

Pick design elements that are not fussy and are easy to clean. Leather furniture is easy to clean and rugged but also adds warmth to your space. Cordless blinds are simple, stand up to abuse, and are safe around little ones. Wood, solid surface counters, and tile are excellent design choices that add beauty as well as longevity to your home. Your interior designer can help you select the best options that will be made to last. 

Don’t Neglect the Outdoor Spaces
Kids love playing outdoors. Including outdoor living spaces in your home improves its family-friendliness. Give your family a natural, safe environment to enjoy the outdoors while spending time together. Patios, porches, rooftop gardens, and decks are just a few ways you can include the outdoors as a part of your home, and planning ahead for this will ensure you still have the functional spaces, like driveways, garages, and tool sheds, that you need.

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