How to convince your husband to add an en suite bathYou want an en suite bathroom. You’ve researched photos and shopped for décor – you may have already planned it all out. Now you just have to get your husband on board. If he is a little resistant to a bathroom addition, try these very convincing arguments to sway him over to your side. Go team en suite bathroom addition!

Tell him that it will add value to your home is you ever decide to sell.

When you put a home on the market the improvements that have been made to it can really drive up the value. The convenience and privacy of an en suite bathroom makes it a very attractive addition to your home. If you ever decide to sell, it will make it that much easier and you’ll get more out of your home. What guy can pass up that awesome logic?

Highlight his need for privacy (and yours too).

Face it, bathroom practices are private. If you have guests or if the kids are still at home, having a bathroom that is just his (and yours) is very appealing. Tell him that he can step out of the shower and walk right into the bedroom without flashing the guests or scarring the kids for life. Also promise to give him his own space for his stuff – and no one can bother it. Since this will be a private area that the two of you will share, you might give him a little room to show off his creativity with décor in his own taste I know that can be a scary thought, just remember, it is a private bathroom so if it’s awful the only one subject to it will be you – and you have another option down the hall.

Sway him with glossy, colorful pictures.

If logic doesn’t do the trick, ply him with photos. Pick up a couple of glossy remodeling magazines and find some pictures of an en suite bathroom, especially if it is similar to what you want. Men are very visual so showing him what you have in mind just might work. The internet is nice for finding pictures, but staring at a photo on a computer screen just isn’t the same as holding those glossy pages in your hand and being wooed by the hypnotic colors and lovely décor.

Appeal to his practical side.

If he has ever complained about having to wait for his daughter to get out of the bathroom or for his son to get out of the shower, now is the time to remind him – in a very loving way, of course. Appeal to his practical side, though, by helping him see how useful and convenient another bathroom will be. No more long bathroom lines or waiting for someone to get out of the shower, plus If you need to sweeten the pot a little, tell him that the kids won’t be allowed to use that bathroom unless it is a dire emergency.

Show him how you can help him save money on the project.

This is the time to break out your coupons, show him your Ebates account, and remind him how Amazon Prime is so awesome for ordering online. If spreadsheets are your thing, by all means use them. Show him how much money you can help him save – it won’t cost as much as he thinks. This method works best when combined with another, such as the privacy angle.

Make it a project you can do together.

Some men enjoy doing home improvement projects with their wife. Others, not so much. You will need to carefully assess where he falls and tailor your approach accordingly. You can get him excited about the fun you will have working side by side or you can scare him with the thought of working side by side – with power tools.

Tell him that you really, really, really, really want it!

Most husbands will totally cave on this one. You’re pulling out the really big guns here. Look at him (it helps if you have a few photos in hand, or your coupons, or a spreadsheet), calmly tell him that you really, really, really, really want an en suite bathroom – pretty please? Nine times out of ten, it works.


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