how to convince your husband to commit to a home additionSo, you want to build a home addition. You know that this is going to cost a pretty penny, but in the end, it’s going to be worth it. Maybe you want that extra bedroom so each kid can have their own room, or you need a new home office where your family won’t bother you while you’re busy.

Whatever the reason, the biggest obstacle to overcome may be your spouse. Home additions, while worth it, are still expensive, and you’re not sure how your husband will feel about spending all that cash. These tips will help you convince your significant other that the home addition will be a wise investment that will pay off in a variety of ways.

Promise a Man Cave

What man could resist the possibility of having his own space? With room for a pool table, computer station, and a “home theater” section, your husband will hardly be able to resist.

Remind him that personal space is important in a relationship. If your home addition can give both of you the space you need to spread out and do your own things, you’ll appreciate one another even more.

On a side note, the man cave will also give your husband a space to hang those neon beer signs and taxidermied deer heads that you’ve never wanted up in the house, and that will make him happy too. It’s a win for everyone.

Entice Him with Portfolio Pictures

Do your homework and pay a visit to an architect before talking to your husband about your plans. Take home a few portfolio pictures that show all the great features your home doesn’t yet have, but could have in the very near future. Look for shots with the kinds of features guys like. Wet bars. Recessed lighting. Extra bathrooms and built-in televisions.

Impressing your husband with the wonders of a home addition can go a long way. If your husband is one of those guys who likes large, impressive houses, make sure you include shots of the home’s new exterior as well as interior.

Discuss Statistics

Additions cost money, yes, but they also pay you back when it’s time to sell the house. Amassing information about the ways in which your home addition will eventually line your bank account may convince your husband that the upfront investment is worth the trouble. Adding a bathroom can increase your home’s value by up to 20%. Attic bedrooms can recoup up to 72.5% of the investment at the time of sale. And that’s not all!

If it’s money that will entice your husband to come around to the home addition idea, remind him that home additions can actually lead to revenue in the future. Garage apartments, in-law apartments, guest homes and more are all spaces that can be put up for rent, should you and your husband ever decide to take in tenants.

Renting your home’s extra space is a great way to bring in income and meet new people. It’s also a good way to fill the extra space in your house when your kids finally grow up and leave home.

Get Started Today!

If you’re ready to take the plunge, now is a great time to fashion an argument that can convince your husband to get a home addition. To find out more, make an appointment for a consultation with an experienced architect today. Before your meeting, let him or her know what you’d like to do ahead of time so your architect can put together some portfolio pictures to show your husband.

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