How to decide when to do a kitchen remodelScheduling a kitchen remodeling project is much more than just picking up the phone and requesting a consultation. While the project itself takes several weeks, the design and ordering of special items often must occur months in advance, depending on the weather and the availability of skilled workers to complete the project.

Start vs Finish

There are two dates that you must consider for your kitchen remodel. They are the start date and the completion date. You should decide which is more important to you. While your construction team will undoubtedly make a committed effort to minimize your inconvenience during the remodel, you will have a few accommodations to make once construction begins. You may decide that you cannot start a project until some important event in your family life has finished. On the other hand, you might also choose to focus your effort on completing the remodel before another event occurs. Given a standard timeline of about 4-6 weeks for a remodeling project (not including design, planning or special orders), you should plan your remodel to happen at a time that will work best for you.


Beyond your own expectations, there are a few factors that affect your decision. There are times when construction is easy to arrange, and months when it is very difficult to schedule. Since you do not want to end up doing this yourself, you need to set a time for your remodeling project that coincides with availability from your architect and construction team. This industry is busiest from mid-spring until mid-fall. If you want your pick of available times, make arrangements as early as possible in winter, or select an off-season time.


Some construction projects simply cannot be done during the cold winter. However, kitchen remodels are not necessarily one of them. While it is often easier to endure construction during the moderate spring and fall, and even in the summer, you are not forced to choose these times. Many companies are eager for your business during the off-season. When you are willing to consider an early spring or late fall construction project, be sure to ask in advance about availability. If your project can be completed in wintertime, the ability to do so may put you higher on the business’s priority for special consideration.


Construction timelines often do not include time for design for a very good reason. Professionals know how long it takes them to design a beautiful new kitchen based on an existing space. However, it takes an unpredictable amount of time to negotiate and redesign certain features with homeowners. If this project is the culmination of years of dreaming for you, it is wise to invest the time into working with your architect to make sure you are happy with the plan on paper. For example, it is so much easier to change the size or location of your new kitchen island before construction has begun.


The detail that goes into your project can also affect how long the remodel will take. Every item that calls for more than the standard may take more time. Tile and stone products often take longer to design and build. If one of your big splurges is to place a hardwood floor made from reclaimed zebrawood, you might have to wait for the boards to be cut appropriately. Custom designs in particular take more time, especially custom cabinetry. Consider all the subcontractors who will work to build your dream kitchen and their own timelines. Homeowners with projects that are particularly custom and complex may need to order certain items months in advance of the planned project start date.

Planning your kitchen remodel will take months before you can actually start the project. With these factors in mind, you can select a schedule that will provide you with plenty of time to complete the project to your satisfaction.


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