The layout of your home is basically a roadmap for how you and your family will function on a day-to-day basis. With an open layout, moving from room to room is simple and fluid. Everything is less congested and provides family members with a much more open approach to the way they interact with one another. With a closed layout however, the interaction is much less open with a larger emphasis on privacy. This sort of layout provides each member of your home with a “getaway” option if things are feeling a little too tight.

While the layout of a home is often a huge concern among many homeowners, the layout of a single room can be just as controversial. Unlike the layout of a home, the layout of a single bedroom must speak to the individual or individuals residing in that room alone, and if carried out correctly, could create a better and more positive living environment. Selecting the correct layout of a room has much to do with a person’s personality and tastes. For example, if a couple is open as a whole or the room is occupied by one person, then an open bedroom layout could be the best approach. Alternatively, if a couple values their alone time separately, then a closed layout may be preferable. If you are considering changing the layout to your bedroom floor plan, here are some amazing benefits.

Consider the furniture If used properly, furniture can be an amazing asset in creating a great layout for your bedroom. There are various ways to use furniture to your benefit when creating the perfect space, including decorative pieces, functional pieces, and furniture used as dividers The most important thing to do is have a purpose for every piece that you add into the room. If you are adding a chair for visual aesthetics, be sure it is a chair you love and its place is one that you have considered at great length. Simply buying pieces and adding them into your bedroom could create a cluttered look and have the opposite effect that you were hoping to achieve. If you are having trouble deciding on where to place everything, Apartment Guide provides fabulous tips on placing furniture in your bedroom.

Think about function Choosing an armoire to organize your sweaters or a curtain as a room divider are great examples of assigning functions to each piece of furniture or fabric that exists in your room’s layout. While adding a decorative piece of furniture or a properly placed throw pillow may not seem like pieces that serve a particular purpose, well-thought-out decorative pieces may actually bring more joy and tie the entire room together. When choosing your pieces, it is important to think about their purpose ahead of time in order to prevent spontaneous purchases that create a hoarding look in the space. Plan your bedroom layout ahead of time, and always choose pieces that serve a function such as the following: divider, decorative, or organizational.

Change it up No matter how much planning or vision goes into your space, sometimes what was initially planned doesn’t always work out. If your execution clashes with your vision, don’t be afraid to change things up. For example, if you used a photo from Pinterest as inspiration as your layout but your room is just a little too small, don’t sweat it! Although moving a bed against the wall may not seem like a picture-perfect result, in a pinch it can actually create more space and look great with just the right touch.

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