How to keep your architect happyNo matter the project you’re carrying out, the architect will play a major role in how successful the final outcome is. The more complex the project, the more knowledgeable your architect needs to be. In fact, there are several factors you will want to consider when it comes to choosing the right architect and keeping him or her happy.

Importance of Keeping Your Architect Happy

Do you remember sitting in class when you were younger? When one student acted out, it affected the entire class. The teacher ended up getting angry, and many times, the entire class would get punished for a single student’s bad behavior. This is a clear example of why you need to keep your architect happy. When he’s not happy, everyone else involved in your project will likely be affected in a negative manner. The happier your architect is, though, the more open the communication is between all project workers, which enhances the final outcome.

Give Project Updates Regularly

There is nothing wrong with changing plans. In fact, changes are to be expected within any type of architectural project, but when you make changes without letting your architect know, this can lead to serious consequences. For example, if you were to tell your general contractor to add in an extra bathroom on the second floor of the building you’re having built, this can interfere with the rest of the building’s plumbing and electric, all of which were taken into account by your architect. When you don’t inform the architect of the changes you want made, this can lead to him having to complete a complex and extensive redo of the blueprint he designed. However, with open communication comes the ability for┬áhim to make the changes you want during the most appropriate stages of the project.

Meet the Architect Before You Hire Him

One of the best ways to keep your architect happy is by making sure the two of you will get along well with one another. There are many personality traits that some people have that don’t quite jive with the traits of other people, and you don’t want to hire an architect only to find that you absolutely can’t stand talking to him. To avoid this type of problem, you should always meet the architect before hiring him, preferably over dinner or in some type of setting that doesn’t feel too tense or formal.

Pay Him When the Money is Due to Him

If you signed an agreement to pay the architect 10 percent of the project rate every two weeks, then you should make sure each payment is made on time. Not getting paid on time may cause your architect to focus his efforts and time toward a different project where he’s actually getting paid. The exact payment terms are to be agreed upon by you and the architect, and these terms should be put into legal form.

Let Him Do His Job

Architects have a specific type of knowledge about architectural structure that most people don’t understand; this is why they are good at what they do. If you were to come in and try to take over his job by making suggestions or telling him he’s doing something wrong, this is not going to keep him happy. When you agree to hire a certain architect, you should do much research to ensure you are going to be satisfied with his work. More importantly, this research should help you confirm that you can trust the architect. Along with trust comes the ability to let him do his job instead of you feeling like you have to do it for him.

The Takeaway

At the heart of any successful project is open communication and a willingness to let every involved person carry their own weight. To keep your architect happy, which will boost project success, make sure to respect him, and most importantly, give him regular updates on any changes that you want to make. And remember, he can’t read your mind.

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