you need an architectProfessional Expertise and Experience

Architects pride themselves on delivering what their clients want and need to fulfill their dreams and aspirations.  You want your remodeling project to enhance the beauty and value of your home and your architect is right there with you, every step of the way.

With experience in both residential and commercial architecture, an architect will develop the plan, prints and projects that will delight their clients. A good architect will take the time to listen to what you have in your heart and put that on paper.

At a minimum, a “solution oriented approach” provides you with and objective and qualified “second set of eyes.”  A good architect knows that what looks good in your head and even on paper may not be the most practical and economical approach so they will offer guidance in many areas you may not even expect.

Additional Ideas for Appearance and Aesthetics

A good architect begins by sharing your vision. They want to know what you are trying to accomplish with your project. Since they have worked with many clients over the years they have the experience and background to consider additional ideas and offer their expertise to make your project the best it can be.

A good architect can often tap into your mind, interpret what you are really looking to accomplish and then add the extras touches to make the project even better than you originally thought was possible.

Practical Issues

  • Building Codes and Permits – there are also many very practical considerations and issues that you need to consider before contacting contractors or even starting into the project yourself.  It is very important that your architect know the local Building Codes and Covenants.  They should make sure your project complies with all the terms and conditions of everything that applies to your property and the community where you live.
  • Verification so Don’t Miss Important Steps – Even if you have experience with remodeling projects, and have created your checklists of what to do and what to avoid, a good architect will review and verify your punch lists to avoid unforeseen issues as the project evolves.
  • Creating and delivering accurate blueprints requires a level of expertise that comes from training, experience and due diligence. A good architect will make sure you have the accurate depiction or your project that goes beyond simple drawings.

Added Value From A Great Architect

A great architect will meet with contractors and sub-contractors on your behalf to make sure everything is clearly communicated and they understand all the special nuances that may not be evident on blueprints.

As they work with you on your project, they will carefully consider the ramifications of every change you are planning. What may seem like minor alterations may have a significant impact on the placement of HVAC, electrical and plumbing fixtures and other considerations “behind the walls.”

A great architect will calculate energy efficiencies, load bearings and other technical specifications that will save you both time and money on your project.

Peace of Mind

In the end, you want to know that whatever you do with your home protects its value for many years to come. Working with a professional architectural firm gives you the peace of mind to know that you are doing everything right.

It’s easy to dream and even to create rough drafts of what you want your “new home” to look like, but when it comes to breaking ground or starting demolition, you want someone on your side who has been there before and will have your back throughout the entire project.


A great architect will match your dreams with reality. They will carefully consider all the aspirations you have for your remodeling project and then apply practical and cost effective solutions to deliver the beauty you envision for your project.

The best architects deliver on what they promise and offering the professional and objective advice to ensure a successful project.

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